Verified Commit bc26bc1a authored by Vladimir Sedach's avatar Vladimir Sedach
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Clean up some CL-JS test code

parent 9d2e2aa4
......@@ -14,15 +14,13 @@
(let ((*js-target-version* ,js-target-version))
(ps-doc* ',parenscript)))))))
(defun jsarray (contents)
(make-array (length contents)
:initial-contents (mapcar (lambda (x)
(if (listp x)
(jsarray x)
:adjustable t)))
(defun js-repr (x)
(if (listp x)
(make-array (length x)
:initial-contents (mapcar #'js-repr x)
:adjustable t))
(defmacro %test-js-eval (testname parenscript test-statement)
`(fiveam:test ,testname ()
......@@ -30,16 +28,13 @@
(let ((js-result (cl-js:run-js (ps-doc* ',parenscript))))
(defmacro test-js-eval (testname parenscript result)
(defmacro test-js-eval (testname parenscript expected)
`(%test-js-eval ,testname ,parenscript
(fiveam:is (equalp js-result
,(if (atom result)
`(jsarray ,result))))))
(fiveam:is (equalp js-result (js-repr ,expected)))))
(defmacro test-js-eval-epsilon (testname parenscript result)
(defmacro test-js-eval-epsilon (testname parenscript expected)
`(%test-js-eval ,testname ,parenscript
(fiveam:is (< (abs (- js-result ,result)) 0.0001))))
(fiveam:is (< (abs (- js-result ,expected)) 0.0001))))
(fiveam:def-suite parenscript-tests)
(fiveam:def-suite output-tests :in parenscript-tests)
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