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      renaming and refactoring · 9da682ca
      Red Daly authored
      Changed the names of many functions and macros to get rid of the
      symbols with "js" in them--its not Javascript, it's Parenscript!  Most
      of those symbols were renamed with "script" replacing "js".
      Also changed the main compilation interfaces to use the function
      COMPILE-SCRIPT and the macro SCRIPT from JS-COMPILE and JS
      Additionally, the first steps of the package system are included (with
      the addition of a the SCRIPT-PACKAGE and COMPILATION-ENVIRONMENT
      classes).  These are integrated into the current compiler, though they
      probably break a few "traditional" serialization methods, specifically
      because macro and special form names are stored as symbols rather than
      strings and EQL comparisons are used rather than STRING-EQUAL
      comparisons of the strings.
      I have also split parser.lisp into parser.lisp and macrology.lisp.
      Parser.lisp contains mechanisms for parsing Parenscript given an input
      s-expression while macrology.lisp contains language definitions that
      make use of the parsing mechanisms.
      All tests now pass, though the documentation has gone slightly out of
      date with the symbol renaming.  This will be fixed shortly.  More
      tests and functionality need to be added to make the current
      Parenscript compatable with the older semantics (as dicussed,
      comparing macro/special form names based on their string values is the
      main thing).
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