Commit 5e74b5ce authored by Vladimir Sedach's avatar Vladimir Sedach

Added description of namespace system to the reference.

parent 49c50da4
......@@ -1042,6 +1042,35 @@ a-variable => aVariable
;;;# The ParenScript namespace system
;;;t \index{package}
;;;t \index{namespace}
;;;t \index{PS-PACKAGE-PREFIX}
;;; (setf (PS-PACKAGE-PREFIX lisp-package) string)
;;; Although JavaScript does not offer namespacing or a package
;;; system, ParenScript does provide a namespace mechanism for
;;; generated JavaScript by integrating with the Common Lisp package
;;; system. Since ParenScript code is normally read in by the Lisp
;;; reader, all symbols (except for uninterned ones, ie - those
;;; specified with the #: reader macro) have a Lisp package. By
;;; default, no packages are prefixed. You can specify that symbols in
;;; a particular package receive a prefix when translated to
;;; JavaScript with the `PS-PACKAGE-PREFIX' place.
(lisp (defpackage "MY-LIBRARY"
(:use #:parenscript))
(setf (ps-package-prefix :my-library) "my_library_"))
=> 'my_library_'
(defun my-library::library-function (x y)
(return (+ x y)))
=> function my_library_libraryFunction(x, y) {
return x + y;
;;;# The ParenScript Compiler
;;;t \index{compiler}
;;;t \index{ParenScript compiler}
......@@ -513,3 +513,16 @@ = _js1;")
+ ' looks like this.</div>';
(test-ps-js the-parenscript-namespace-system-1
(lisp (defpackage "MY-LIBRARY"
(:use #:parenscript))
(setf (ps-package-prefix :my-library) "my_library_"))
(test-ps-js the-parenscript-namespace-system-2
(defun my-library::library-function (x y)
(return (+ x y)))
"function my_library_libraryFunction(x, y) {
return x + y;
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