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......@@ -355,49 +355,42 @@ lambda-list::=
;;; Destructuring bind
(defun destructuring-wrap (arr n bindings body &key setf?)
(labels ((bind-expr (var expr inner-body)
(if setf?
`(progn (setf ,var ,expr) ,inner-body)
`(let ((,var ,expr)) ,inner-body)))
(bind-rest (sym)
(bind-expr sym `(if (> (length ,arr) ,n)
((@ ,arr slice) ,n)
(cond ((null bindings)
((atom bindings) ;; dotted destructuring list
(bind-rest bindings))
((eq (car bindings) '&rest)
(if (and (= (length bindings) 2)
(atom (second bindings)))
(bind-rest (second bindings))
(error "~a is invalid in destructuring list." bindings)))
((eq (car bindings) '&optional)
(destructuring-wrap arr n (cdr bindings) body :setf? setf?))
(t (let ((var (car bindings))
(inner-body (destructuring-wrap arr (1+ n) (cdr bindings) body :setf? setf?)))
(cond ((null var) inner-body)
((atom var) (bind-expr var `(aref ,arr ,n) inner-body))
(t `(,(if setf? 'dset 'destructuring-bind)
,var (aref ,arr ,n)
(defpsmacro dset (bindings expr &body body)
(let ((arr (if (complex-js-expr? expr) (ps-gensym) expr)))
,@(unless (eq arr expr) `((setf ,arr ,expr)))
,(destructuring-wrap arr 0 bindings (cons 'progn body) :setf? t))))
(defun complex-js-expr? (expr)
(consp (if (symbolp expr) (ps-macroexpand expr) expr)))
(defun hoist-expr? (bindings expr)
(and (> (length bindings) 1) (complex-js-expr? expr)))
(defun destructuring-wrap (arr n bindings body)
(cond ((null bindings) body)
((eq (car bindings) '&rest)
(cond ((and (= (length bindings) 2) (atom (second bindings)))
`(let ((,(second bindings) (if (> (length ,arr) ,n) ((@ ,arr slice) ,n) '())))
(t (error "~a is invalid in destructuring list." bindings))))
((eq (car bindings) '&optional)
(destructuring-wrap arr n (cdr bindings) body))
(t (let ((var (car bindings))
(inner-body (destructuring-wrap arr (1+ n) (cdr bindings) body)))
(cond ((null var) inner-body)
((atom var) `(let ((,var (aref ,arr ,n))) ,inner-body))
(t `(,'destructuring-bind ,var (aref ,arr ,n) ,inner-body)))))))
(defpsmacro destructuring-bind (bindings expr &body body)
(let* ((arr (if (complex-js-expr? expr) (ps-gensym) expr))
(setf bindings (dot->rest bindings))
(let* ((arr (if (hoist-expr? bindings expr) (ps-gensym) expr))
(bound (destructuring-wrap arr 0 bindings (cons 'progn body))))
(if (eq arr expr)
`(let ((,arr ,expr)) ,bound))))
(cond ((eq arr expr) bound)
(t `(let ((,arr ,expr)) ,bound)))))
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defun dot->rest (x)
(cond ((atom x) x)
((not (listp (cdr x))) ; dotted list
(list (dot->rest (car x)) '&rest (dot->rest (cdr x))))
(t (cons (dot->rest (car x)) (dot->rest (cdr x))))))
(defun property-bindings-p (x)
(when (consp x)
(every (lambda (y)
......@@ -413,27 +406,22 @@ lambda-list::=
;; returns a pair of destructuring bindings and property bindings
(cond ((atom x) (list x nil))
((property-bindings-p x)
(let ((var (gensym)))
(let ((var (ps-gensym)))
(list var (list x var))))
(t (loop :for y :on x
:for (d p) = (extract-bindings (car y))
:append (cond ((listp (cdr y)) (list d))
(t (cons d (cdr y)))) ; dotted list
:into ds
:append (list d) :into ds
:when p :append p :into ps
:finally (return (list ds ps))))))
(defun property-bindings (bindings expr body &key setf?)
(let ((bind-exprs
(loop :for b :in bindings
(defun property-bindings (bindings expr body)
`(let ,(loop :for b :in bindings
:for (var p) = (if (consp b) b (list (intern (string b)) b))
:if setf? :collect `(setf ,var (@ ,expr ,p))
:else :collect `(,var (@ ,expr ,p)))))
(if setf?
`(progn ,@bind-exprs ,@body)
`(let (,@bind-exprs) ,@body)))))
:collect `(,var (@ ,expr ,p)))
(defpsmacro bind (bindings expr &body body)
(setf bindings (dot->rest bindings))
(destructuring-bind (d p)
(extract-bindings bindings)
(cond ((and (atom d)
......@@ -455,27 +443,6 @@ lambda-list::=
(t `(bind ,(car bindings) ,(cadr bindings)
(bind* ,(cddr bindings) ,@body)))))
(defpsmacro bset (bindings expr &body body)
(destructuring-bind (d p)
(extract-bindings bindings)
(cond ((and (atom d)
(or (= (length bindings) 1)
(atom expr)
(atom (ps-macroexpand expr))))
(property-bindings bindings expr body :setf? t))
((atom d)
(with-ps-gensyms (var)
`(let ((,var ,expr))
(bind ,bindings ,var ,@body))))
((null p) `(dset ,bindings ,expr ,@body))
(t `(dset ,d ,expr (bset* ,p ,@body))))))
(defpsmacro bset* (bindings &body body)
(cond ((= (length bindings) 2)
`(bset ,(car bindings) ,(cadr bindings) ,@body))
(t `(bset ,(car bindings) ,(cadr bindings)
(bset* ,(cddr bindings) ,@body)))))
;;; Control structures
(defpsmacro return (&optional result)