Commit 534ed228 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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2.26.16: restore require-system functionality.

Rename loaded-systems to already-loaded-systems,
because the former was causing annoying SLIME completion ambiguities.
Fix it with respect to recent method redefinitions.
Import action-already-done-p API from POIU, complements action-visited-stamp.
parent 1dc29342
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
:licence "MIT"
:description "Another System Definition Facility"
:long-description "ASDF builds Common Lisp software organized into defined systems."
:version "2.26.15" ;; to be automatically updated by bin/bump-revision
:version "2.26.16" ;; to be automatically updated by bin/bump-revision
:depends-on ()
((:file "asdf")))
;;; -*- mode: Common-Lisp; Base: 10 ; Syntax: ANSI-Common-Lisp ; coding: utf-8 -*-
;;; This is ASDF 2.26.15: Another System Definition Facility.
;;; This is ASDF 2.26.16: Another System Definition Facility.
;;; Feedback, bug reports, and patches are all welcome:
;;; please mail to <>.
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@
;; "2.345.6" would be a development version in the official upstream
;; "2.345.0.7" would be your seventh local modification of official release 2.345
;; "2.345.6.7" would be your seventh local modification of development version 2.345.6
(asdf-version "2.26.15")
(asdf-version "2.26.16")
(existing-asdf (find-class 'component nil))
(existing-version *asdf-version*)
(already-there (equal asdf-version existing-version)))
......@@ -245,6 +245,7 @@
(#:*asdf-revision* #:around #:asdf-method-combination
#:split #:make-collector #:do-dep #:do-one-dep
#:resolve-relative-location-component #:resolve-absolute-location-component
#:loaded-systems ; makes for annoying SLIME completion
#:output-files-for-system-and-operation) ; obsolete ASDF-BINARY-LOCATION function
(#:defsystem #:oos #:operate #:find-system #:locate-system #:run-shell-command
......@@ -353,7 +354,7 @@
#:system-registered-p #:registered-systems #:loaded-systems
#:system-registered-p #:registered-systems #:already-loaded-systems
......@@ -2124,6 +2125,7 @@ PREVIOUS-TIME when not null is the time at which the PREVIOUS system was loaded.
(gethash (type-of o) (component-operation-times c)))
(defgeneric* action-visited-stamp (plan operation component))
(defgeneric* action-already-done-p (plan operation component))
(defgeneric* compute-action-stamp (operation component &key just-done plan base-stamp)
(:documentation "Has this action been done, and at what timestamp has it or will it be done?
......@@ -2311,10 +2313,14 @@ Returns two values:
(traverse-action o c nil #'collect))))
(defmethod action-visited-stamp ((plan null) (o operation) (c component))
(component-operation-time o c))
(values (component-operation-time o c)))
(defmethod action-already-done-p ((plan null) (o operation) (c component))
(nth-value 1 (component-operation-time o c)))
(defmethod action-visited-stamp ((plan (eql 'traverse)) (o operation) (c component))
(car (component-visited-p o c)))
(defmethod action-already-done-p ((plan (eql 'traverse)) (o operation) (c component))
(second (component-visited-p o c)))
(defmethod compute-action-stamp ((o operation) (c component) &key just-done plan base-stamp)
(let* ((stamp-lookup #'(lambda (o c) (action-visited-stamp plan o c)))
......@@ -2787,13 +2793,13 @@ T to force the inside of the specified system to be rebuilt (resp. not),
(map () 'load-system systems))
(defun* component-loaded-p (c)
(nth-value 1 (component-operation-time 'load-op (find-component c ()))))
(action-already-done-p nil (make-instance 'load-op) (find-component c ())))
(defun* loaded-systems ()
(defun* already-loaded-systems ()
(remove-if-not 'component-loaded-p (registered-systems)))
(defun* require-system (s &rest keys &key &allow-other-keys)
(apply 'load-system s :force-not (loaded-systems) keys))
(apply 'load-system s :force-not (already-loaded-systems) keys))
(defun* compile-system (system &rest args &key force force-not verbose version &allow-other-keys)
"Shorthand for `(asdf:operate 'asdf:compile-op system)`. See OPERATE for details."
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