Commit dae26ef5 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau

Update comments and docstrings in find-component.lisp

parent b166c1ed
......@@ -51,42 +51,56 @@
(with-upgradability ()
(defgeneric* (find-component) (base path &key registered)
(:documentation "Find a component by resolving the PATH starting from BASE parent"))
(defgeneric resolve-dependency-combination (component combinator arguments))
(:documentation "Find a component by resolving the PATH starting from BASE parent.
If REGISTERED is true, only search currently registered systems."))
(defgeneric resolve-dependency-combination (component combinator arguments)
(:documentation "Resolve dependency (COMBINATOR . ARGUMENTS) in the context of COMPONENT"))
;; Methods for find-component
;; If the base component is a string, resolve it as a system, then if not nil follow the path.
(defmethod find-component ((base string) path &key registered)
(if-let ((s (if registered
(registered-system base)
(find-system base nil))))
(find-component s path :registered registered)))
;; If the base component is a symbol, coerce it to a name if not nil, and resolve that.
;; If nil, use the path as base if not nil, or else return nil.
(defmethod find-component ((base symbol) path &key registered)
(base (find-component (coerce-name base) path :registered registered))
(path (find-component path nil :registered registered))
(t nil)))
;; If the base component is a cons cell, resolve its car, and add its cdr to the path.
(defmethod find-component ((base cons) path &key registered)
(find-component (car base) (cons (cdr base) path) :registered registered))
;; If the base component is a parent-component and the path a string, find the named child.
(defmethod find-component ((parent parent-component) (name string) &key registered)
(declare (ignorable registered))
(compute-children-by-name parent :only-if-needed-p t)
(values (gethash name (component-children-by-name parent))))
;; If the path is a symbol, coerce it to a name if non-nil, or else just return the base.
(defmethod find-component (base (name symbol) &key registered)
(if name
(find-component base (coerce-name name) :registered registered)
;; If the path is a cons, first resolve its car as path, then its cdr.
(defmethod find-component ((c component) (name cons) &key registered)
(find-component (find-component c (car name) :registered registered)
(cdr name) :registered registered))
;; If the path is a component, return it, disregarding the base.
(defmethod find-component ((base t) (actual component) &key registered)
(declare (ignorable registered))
;; Resolve dependency NAME in the context of a COMPONENT, with given optional VERSION constraint.
;; This (private) function is used below by RESOLVE-DEPENDENCY-SPEC and by the :VERSION spec.
(defun resolve-dependency-name (component name &optional version)
......@@ -117,13 +131,16 @@
(unset-asdf-cache-entry `(find-system ,name))
(unset-asdf-cache-entry `(locate-system ,name))))))))
;; Resolve dependency specification DEP-SPEC in the context of COMPONENT.
;; This is notably used by MAP-DIRECT-DEPENDENCIES to process the results of COMPONENT-DEPENDS-ON
(defun resolve-dependency-spec (component dep-spec)
(let ((component (find-component () component)))
(if (atom dep-spec)
(resolve-dependency-name component dep-spec)
(resolve-dependency-combination component (car dep-spec) (cdr dep-spec)))))
;; Methods for RESOLVE-DEPENDENCY-COMBINATION to parse lists as dependency specifications.
(defmethod resolve-dependency-combination (component combinator arguments)
(parameter-error (compatfmt "~@<In ~S, bad dependency ~S for ~S~@:>")
'resolve-dependency-combination (cons combinator arguments) component))
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