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      2.26.47: refactor TRAVERSE after previous introduction of needed-in-image-p. · bdc9efaf
      Francois-Rene Rideau authored
      Introduce a PLAN object for dependency traversal;
      have component visit functions use it instead of the ancestor operation.
      Introduce an explicit ACTION-STATUS class.
      Introduce a PLAN-RECORD-DEPENDENCY hook for POIU.
      Also hush warnings around upgrade-only methods.
      More uniformly redirect output during testing.
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      2.26.46: only do things in-image if needed. · 65be1c38
      Francois-Rene Rideau authored
      This restores the feature of do-first that was lost while refactoring ASDF
      to fix the timestamp propagation issue.
      The old asdf-bundle worked implicitly because of do-first:
      fasl-op DEPENDS-ON compile-op, and compile-op has a DO-FIRST on the
      load-op of dependencies, NOT a DEPENDS-ON, so if the compile-op is
      "done" (which did NOT check the timestamps of dependencies),
      then the dofirst is never consulted and load-op is never traversed.
      In our new ASDF, we want to always traverse the load-op of dependencies,
      so we can propagate their timestamps; however, we still want to only
      actually load them if they are needed. Therefore, visiting actions
      takes an additional flag "needed in this image", and each visited action
      can be planned or not planned yet, and a not planned yet action can
      be visited a second time to plan it after recursively visiting its
      dependencies with the "needed" flag set.
      Tests were fixed now to work now that this distinction exists.
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      2.26.24: as a cleanup, remove some 2.26.7-era stamp-passing behavior · da786038
      Francois-Rene Rideau authored
      previously made obsolete by the more recent correct implementation of prepare-op.
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      2.26.23: have force take precedence over force-not, again. · ed385b25
      Francois-Rene Rideau authored
      Or else force-not :all won't be as useful.
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      2.26.22: Add new, sensible, :if-feature feature. · 6bb1036a
      Francois-Rene Rideau authored
      Remove last traces of previous non-sensical :feature features.
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      2.26.21: move children dependencies from traverse to component-depends-on, · 45a36620
      Francois-Rene Rideau authored
      where it ought to always have been, based on a properly cleaned up prepare-op
      (previously introduced in 2.26.14 as parent-load-op).
      This is a checkpoint of a mostly working system after major changes;
      it requires further cleanup and fixes:
      strangely, fails some tests on CCL but not SBCL.
      Introduce find-operation as a companion to find-component,
      subsuming make-sub-operation.
      The results of component-depends-on are processed with find-operation and resolve-component-spec.
      component-self-dependencies is fixed to play well with prepare-op.
      Also, some internal renamings and signature changes:
      parent-operation becomes upward-operation
      parent-load-op becomes prepare-op
      parent-source-load op becomes prepare-source-op
      parent-component is distinguished from module
      module-components becomes component-children
      module-components-by-name becomes component-children-by-name
      compute-module-components-by-name becomes compute-children-by-name
      circular-dependency-components becomes circular-dependency-actions
      component-load-dependencies becomes component-sibling-dependencies (with a stub)
      introducing child-component, downward-operation.
      refactoring visit-dependencies to include the loop in which it's always used.
      refactoring force and force-not processing to use a function action-override-p;
      force is achieved with a trivial method on operation-done-p for prepare-op,
      and force-not as a trivial check in visit-action.
      Tweak tests along the way. Tweak the documentation.
      Failed to either rename operation-error or introduce action-error in its superclasses:
      that breaks sb-grovel.
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