Commit 0375f695 authored by Eric Marsden's avatar Eric Marsden

Don't flush the network stream in SEND-PACKET, because it slows

down API calls that have multiple SEND-PACKET calls in them. From
parent cc02fb30
......@@ -375,9 +375,8 @@ value of the parameter"
(incf position (length value)))))
(%send-net-int stream (char-code code) 1)
(%send-net-int stream length 4 )
(write-sequence data stream)
(%flush connection)))
(%send-net-int stream length 4)
(write-sequence data stream)))
(defun pg-connect/v3 (dbname user &key (host "localhost") (port 5432) (password "") (encoding *pg-client-encoding*))
......@@ -540,7 +539,8 @@ Unix socket on which the PostgreSQL backend is listening."
(warn "We had to provide data, but my sql-stream isn't an input-stream. Aborting transfer")
;; CopyFail
(send-packet connection #\f '((:cstring "No input data provided"))))))
(send-packet connection #\f '((:cstring "No input data provided")))
(%flush connection))))
;; CopyOutResponse
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