Commit e856a2c9 authored by Eric Marsden's avatar Eric Marsden

Minor fix to tests for PostgreSQL 8.0: the MONEY type is deprecated.

parent f8dfc93a
......@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@
(defpackage :pg-tests
(:use :cl
#+cmu :fwrappers))
#+cmu :fwrappers)
(:export #:test))
(in-package :pg-tests)
(defmacro with-pg-connection/2 ((con &rest open-args) &body body)
......@@ -387,8 +388,8 @@ between files /etc/group and /tmp/group")))
;; client encoding supported since PostgreSQL v7.1
(format t "Client encoding is ~A~%" (pg-client-encoding conn))
(format t "Date style is ~A~%" (pg-date-style conn))
(let ((r2 (pg-exec conn "CREATE TABLE pgltest (a int, b float, c money)"))
(r3 (pg-exec conn "INSERT INTO pgltest VALUES (3, -1234.5e67, '$123.45')"))
(let ((r2 (pg-exec conn "CREATE TABLE pgltest (a int, b float, c numeric)"))
(r3 (pg-exec conn "INSERT INTO pgltest VALUES (3, -1234.5e67, 123.45)"))
(r4 (pg-exec conn "DROP TABLE pgltest")))
(format t "~%==============================================~%")
(format t "status of CREATE is ~s~%" (pg-result r2 :status))
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