Commit 8b6572f1 authored by Daniel Kochmański's avatar Daniel Kochmański
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support: bench-run-1: implement function

parent ecb78e52
......@@ -98,6 +98,25 @@
(setf (fdefinition 'filter) #'remove-if-not)
(defun bench-run-1 (benchmark &key force)
(multiple-value-bind (real user sys consed)
(if (and (not force)
(some #'(lambda (bench)
(member bench *features*))
(benchmark-disabled-for benchmark)))
(format t "~&=== skipping disabled ~a~%" benchmark))
(with-slots (setup function runs) benchmark
(when setup (funcall setup))
(format t "~&=== running ~a~%" benchmark)
(bench-time function runs))))
(push (list (slot-value benchmark 'short) real user sys consed)
#+ (or)
(defun bench-run-1 (&key names groups
(names (ensure-list names))
......@@ -120,15 +139,8 @@
(*compile-print* nil))
(dolist (b (reverse *benchmarks*))
(if (some #'(lambda (bench) (member bench *features*))
(benchmark-disabled-for b))
(format t "~&=== skipping disabled ~a~%" b)
(with-slots (setup function short runs) b
(when setup (funcall setup))
(format t "~&=== running ~a~%" b)
(bench-report function short runs)))))
(bench-run-1 b)
(bench-report (car *benchmark-results*)))
(defun benchmark-report-file ()
......@@ -152,24 +164,19 @@
(format *benchmark-output* "~%~s~%"
(cons +implementation+ *benchmark-results*)))
;; generate a report to *benchmark-output* on the calling of FUNCTION
(defun bench-report (function name times)
(multiple-value-bind (real user sys consed)
(bench-time function times name)
;; generate a report to *benchmark-output* on the benchmark result
(defun bench-report (bench-result)
(destructuring-bind (name real user sys consed) bench-result
(format *benchmark-output*
";; ~25a ~8,2f ~8,2f ~8,2f ~12d"
name real user sys consed)
(terpri *benchmark-output*)
(force-output *benchmark-output*)
(push (cons name (list real user sys consed))
(force-output *benchmark-output*)))
;; a generic timing function, that depends on GET-INTERNAL-RUN-TIME
;; and GET-INTERNAL-REAL-TIME returning sensible results. If a version
;; was defined in sysdep/setup-<impl>, we use that instead
(defun generic-bench-time (fun times name)
(declare (ignore name))
(defun generic-bench-time (fun times)
(let (before-real after-real before-user after-user)
(setq before-user (get-internal-run-time))
(setq before-real (get-internal-real-time))
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