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    Add stub support for streaming RPC APIs. · 5293ada2
    Scott McKay authored
    Testing : precheckin --full --strict-errors
    Reviewer: Fare (please)
    JTB impact: No
    Ops impact: No
    Change to config                        : No
    Change to XML schema                    : No
    Change to DB schema                     : No
    Change to transport (timeouts, headers) : No
    Any change (or new use) of OAQs         : No
    Change to inter-component transactions  : No
    Depends on any other checkin / bug      : No
    Tests that will verify:
    I extended the CL-Protobufs tests
    Add support for a 'streams' type in Protobufs RPC methods.
     - Add a few slots to 'protobufs-method'
     - Add '&key streams' to the method arglists in 'define-service'
     - Extend the parser to handle "streams" in addition to the
       'streams_type' option
     - Extend the printer
     - Change a test to use a 'streams' type
     - While we're in the neighborhood, allow an optional '=>'
       between the input and output methods in 'define-service';
       it makes it a bit more readable
     - Update the documentation
    git-svn-id: http://svn.internal.itasoftware.com/svn/ita/trunk/qres/lisp/libs/cl-protobufs@560147 f8382938-511b-0410-9cdd-bb47b084005c