Commit 61056ed7 authored by Howard Shrobe's avatar Howard Shrobe

Finishing up coverage of OneOfs

parent 912fbf57
......@@ -279,6 +279,7 @@
(assert (not (find-field *protobuf* (proto-index field))) ()
"The field ~S overlaps with another field in ~S"
(proto-value field) (proto-class *protobuf*))
(setf (proto-oneof field) oneof)
(push field processed-fields)
(setq index idx)
(when slot
......@@ -286,6 +287,10 @@
(appendf (proto-fields *protobuf*) (list field))
(appendf (proto-fields oneof) (list field))
;;also need to generate and collect setf
;; methods for the slots that participate in a
;; oneof, so that setting one unsets the
;; others.
(multiple-value-bind (field slot idx)
......@@ -306,8 +311,25 @@
(collect-type-form `(defclass ,type (#+use-base-protobuf-message base-protobuf-message)
,@(and documentation `((:documentation ,documentation))))))
(nconc type-forms forms))))
(nconc type-forms forms (generate-oneof-setf-methods (proto-oneofs *protobuf*) type)))))
(defun generate-oneof-setf-methods (oneofs class)
(loop for oneof in oneofs
for fields = (proto-fields oneof)
for slot-names = (mapcar #'proto-value fields)
append (loop for field in fields
for his-slot-name = (proto-value field)
collect `(defmethod (setf ,his-slot-name) (new-value (object ,class))
(with-slots ,slot-names object
(setq ,his-slot-name new-value)
,@(loop for other-field in fields
for other-slot-name = (proto-value other-field)
unless (eql other-field field)
if (eql (proto-class other-field) :bool)
collect `(slot-makunbound object ',other-slot-name)
else collect `(setq ,other-slot-name nil)))
;; Define a message named 'name' and a Lisp 'defclass'
(defmacro define-message (type (&key name conc-name alias-for options
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