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    • Scott McKay's avatar
      Speed up unoptimized serialization · 9a1d9899
      Scott McKay authored
      Testing : precheckin --full --strict-errors
      Reviewer: Fare
      JTB impact: No
      Ops impact: No
      Change to config                        : No
      Change to XML schema                    : No
      Change to DB schema                     : No
      Change to transport (timeouts, headers) : No
      Any change (or new use) of OAQs         : No
      Change to inter-component transactions  : No
      Depends on any other checkin / bug      : No
      Tests that will verify:
      The CL-Protobufs tests
      The unoptimized serialization code was slower than
      it needed to be and was a Niagara falls of consing.
      The problem is that (map () (curry ...)) is poorly
      optimized, which is a shame because it's such a nice
      coding style. :-P
      The fix is to replace 'map' with iteration (sigh) in
      a few critical places.
      - Add 'doseq', which chooses between 'dolist' or 'dovector'.
      - Make 'serialize-object', 'deserialize-object' and 'object-size'
        use 'doseq' instead of using 'map'.
      - Ditto for 'print-text-format'.
      - Fix the 'serialize-packed' and 'packed-size' optimizers to
        use 'dolist' or 'dovector' based on whether the field is
        a vector field. This makes the optimized code faster, too.
      - Make the optimized serializer generators pass in 'vectorp'
        so that the wire-format optimizers can do a better job.
      git-svn-id: http://svn.internal.itasoftware.com/svn/ita/trunk/qres/lisp/libs/cl-protobufs@562921 f8382938-511b-0410-9cdd-bb47b084005c
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    • Scott McKay's avatar
      Add more stuff to the test suite, and fix what it uncovered. · b6317f29
      Scott McKay authored
       - Behavior of ':default xxx'/[default=xxx] was not stable,
         so add an "empty default" marker and respect it during
         parsing and printing.
       - 'find-option' now returns a third "found-p" value, useful
         for the better handling of defaults.
       - Don't print slot readers/writers if they have the same name
         as what would be (silently) generated by the macrology.
       - Don't print 'import descriptor.proto' lines if there are
         no 'lisp_xxx' options in the generated code.
       - Add 'clear-field' to the API; add the functions it needs.
       - Be more careful about how :conc-name interacts with the
         generation of readers/writers.
       - When parsing from a .proto file, force the conc-name to
         be "" unless requested explicitly not to. This has the
         effect of generating readers/writers for all the fields
         of imported Protobufs messages, which I think is probably
         the desired behavior.
       - Add 'make-byte-vector' for convenience.
      Passes 'precheckin'. Even with the new unit tests in place.
      git-svn-id: http://svn.internal.itasoftware.com/svn/ita/trunk/qres/lisp/quux/protobufs@545177 f8382938-511b-0410-9cdd-bb47b084005c
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    • Scott McKay's avatar
      Tie up a few loose ends with 'unittests.proto'; there are still a few · a13fca91
      Scott McKay authored
      edge case problems, but it's good enough to continue the Stubby work.
      The critical .proto files (descriptor.proto, etc) all appear to work.
      More precise mapping of (mainly integer) types from .lisp to .proto files
      so that we can a truly exact model once we compile the .lisp file. It may
      not make any difference, but better safe than sorry.
       - Introduce Lisp type 'int32', 'int64', 'uint32', etc
       - Make Lisp->Protobufs recognize the new Lisp types
       - Make Protobufs schema printers recognize the new types
      Fix up the handling of imports and namespaces.
       - Always use truenames to record schemas
       - Fix typo in 'find-enum' that caused it never to search other schemas
       - Record the schema in *all-protobufs* at exactly the right time,
         and simplify 'make-load-form' methods
      A few tweaks to (de)serialization.
       - Make the bodies for empty messages not generate compiler warnings
       - Don't make ':packed t' be the default, the user has to say so
       - The user documentation doesn't say so, but booleans can be packed.
      Passes 'precheckin'.
      git-svn-id: http://svn.internal.itasoftware.com/svn/ita/trunk/qres/lisp/quux/protobufs@544222 f8382938-511b-0410-9cdd-bb47b084005c
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    • Scott McKay's avatar
      A few more model fixes to fully support google/protobuf/unittest.proto · 4157162a
      Scott McKay authored
      (I love this file, it's got one of everything.)
       - The printer should not print extended fields in any message
         that further extends an extended message.
       - If parsing or importing a .proto file needs a Lisp package that
         does not exist, go ahead and create it.
       - Importing now tracks all the schemas imported by the "parent",
         this so that we can search namespaces thoroughly.
       - It looks like 'define-extend' can accept groups. For a deprecated
         feature, it sure is a pain in the neck.
       - Make 'find-message' and 'find-enum' search all namespaces.
       - Print escaped strings, just for completeness.
       - Annotate a couple of common options with their types.
      Passes 'precheckin'. Passes my by-hand tests and is epsilon away from
      handling the worst .proto file around.
      git-svn-id: http://svn.internal.itasoftware.com/svn/ita/trunk/qres/lisp/quux/protobufs@543912 f8382938-511b-0410-9cdd-bb47b084005c
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    • Scott McKay's avatar
      Get google/protobuf/unittest.proto working, insofar as it parses · 3d3775ce
      Scott McKay authored
      completely and produces what appears to be a correct model. Next
      up, ensure (de)serialization works with this complex beast, which
      sets the stage for running the (very complete) Google tests.
       - Be much more careful to preserve type information in option
         values and field defaults, both in the macros and the parser.
         Make the slots in their model objects be untyped.
       - This makes it easier for the Proto and Lisp printers to produce
         exactly the right output, so fix them, too. Be extra careful
         with booleans.
       - Fix the printer to recognize more of the standard options so
         that their values get printed with the correct type.
       - Learn to parse more complicated numeric and integer constants.
       - Learn to parse escaped strings.
       - Learn to parse comma-separated options.
       - Learn to parse extensions with no 'to' specifier.
       - Fix the places that used (deprecated) :single instead of :float.
       - Proto enum values always map to Lisp keywords, so don't futz
         with packages for them.
       - Add some more doc strings.
       - Add some more examples-that-will-become-tests.
      Passes 'precheckin'. Passes my by-hand tests.
      git-svn-id: http://svn.internal.itasoftware.com/svn/ita/trunk/qres/lisp/quux/protobufs@543727 f8382938-511b-0410-9cdd-bb47b084005c
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