Commit 038f1f3b authored by Tobias C. Rittweiler's avatar Tobias C. Rittweiler
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Add support for non-locally hacked SBCL versions.

parent 154be10d
......@@ -22,15 +22,62 @@
(loop for name being each hash-value of *readtable-names*
collect name)))
;;;; Implementation-dependent cruft
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :execute)
(when (find-package "SB-READER")
(push :sbcl+sb-reader *features*)))
(declaim (inline %standard-readtable))
(defun %standard-readtable ()
#-sbcl (copy-readtable nil)
#+sbcl sb-reader:*standard-readtable*)
#-sbcl (copy-readtable nil)
#-sbcl+sb-reader (copy-readtable nil)
#+sbcl+sb-reader sb-reader:*standard-readtable*)
(defmacro %with-readtable-iterator ((name readtable) &body body)
`(sb-reader:with-readtable-iterator (,name ,readtable) ,@body))
(defun make-readtable-iterator (readtable)
(let ((char-macro-array (sb-impl::character-macro-array readtable))
(char-macro-ht (sb-impl::character-macro-hash-table readtable))
(dispatch-tables (sb-impl::dispatch-tables readtable))
(char-code 0))
(with-hash-table-iterator (ht-iterator char-macro-ht)
(labels ((grovel1 () ; grovel base macro characters
(declare (optimize sb-c::merge-tail-calls))
(if (>= char-code sb-int:base-char-code-limit)
(let ((entry (svref char-macro-array char-code)))
(setq char-code (1+ char-code))
(if entry
(values t (code-char (1- char-code)) entry nil nil)
(grovel2 () ; grovel unicode macro characters
(multiple-value-bind (more? char reader-fn) (ht-iterator)
(if (not more?)
(values t char reader-fn nil nil))))
(grovel3 () ; grovel dispatch macro characters
(if (null dispatch-tables)
(values nil nil nil nil nil)
(let* ((disp-ch (caar dispatch-tables))
(disp-ht (cdar dispatch-tables))
(disp-fn (get-macro-character disp-ch readtable))
(setq dispatch-tables (cdr dispatch-tables))
(maphash (lambda (k v) (push (cons k v) sub-char-alist)) disp-ht)
(values t disp-ch disp-fn t sub-char-alist)))))
(defmacro %with-readtable-iterator ((name readtable) &body body)
(let ((it (gensym)))
`(let ((,it (make-readtable-iterator ,readtable)))
(macrolet ((,name () `(funcall ,',it)))
(defvar *named-readtables* (make-package (gensym "READTABLES+")))
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