Commit 3a2117fe authored by Tobias C. Rittweiler's avatar Tobias C. Rittweiler
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Properly support the newly introduced conditions.

parent 5b01a420
......@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@ the :STANDARD readtable is used instead."
Not acceptable as a user-specified readtable name." name))
((let ((rt (find-readtable name)))
(and rt (cerror "Overwrite existing readtable."
'readtable-does-already-exist :readtable rt))))
'readtable-does-already-exist :readtable-name name))))
(t (let ((result (apply #'merge-readtables-into
;; The first readtable specified in the :merge list is
;; taken as the basis for all subsequent (destructive!)
......@@ -208,7 +208,8 @@ registered under the new name, an error is raised."
(check-type named-readtable-designator named-readtable-designator)
(check-type new-name symbol)
(when (find-readtable new-name)
(error "A readtable named ~S already exists." new-name))
(cerror "Overwrite existing readtable."
'readtable-does-already-exist :readtable-name new-name))
(let* ((read-table (ensure-readtable named-readtable-designator))
(read-table-name (readtable-name read-table)))
;; We use the internal functions directly to omit repeated
......@@ -261,15 +262,20 @@ guaranteed to be fresh, but may contain duplicates."
(define-condition readtable-does-not-exist (readtable-error)
((readtable-name :initarg :readtable-name
:initform (required-argument)
:accessor missing-readtable-name)))
:accessor missing-readtable-name
:type named-readtable-designatord))
(:report (lambda (condition stream)
(format stream "A readtable named ~S does not exist."
(missing-readtable-name condition)))))
(define-condition readtable-does-already-exist (readtable-error)
((readtable-name :initarg :readtable
:initform (required-argument)
:accessor existing-readtable-name))
((readtable-name :initarg :readtable-name
:initform (required-argument)
:accessor existing-readtable-name
:type named-readtable-designatord))
(:report (lambda (condition stream)
(format stream "A readtable named ~S already exists."
(existing-readtable-name condition)))))
(existing-readtable-name condition)))))
;;; Although there is no way to get at the standard readtable in
......@@ -319,7 +325,7 @@ guaranteed to be fresh, but may contain duplicates."
(cond ((eq reserved-name nil) *standard-readtable*)
((eq reserved-name :standard) *standard-readtable*)
((eq reserved-name :current) *readtable*)
(t (error "No such reserved readtable: ~S" reserved-name))))
(t (error "Bug: no such reserved readtable: ~S" reserved-name))))
(defun find-readtable (named-readtable-designator)
"Looks for the readtable specified by NAMED-READTABLE-DESIGNATOR and
......@@ -345,7 +351,7 @@ is signalled."
(symbol-macrolet ((designator named-readtable-designator))
(cond ((find-readtable designator))
((not default-p)
(error "The name ~S does not designate any readtable." designator))
(error 'readtable-does-not-exist :readtable-name designator))
(t (setf (find-readtable designator) (ensure-readtable default))))))
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