Commit 4381b5b8 authored by David Lichteblau's avatar David Lichteblau
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Fix the Allegro port.

parent e84ed90a
......@@ -72,8 +72,8 @@
;; Kludge: ACL uses keywords to name readtables, we allow
;; arbitrary symbols.
(intern (format nil "~A.~A"
(package-name (symbol-package name))
(symbol-name name))
(package-name (symbol-package symbol))
(symbol-name symbol))
(prog1 kwd
(assert (or (not status) (get kwd 'named-readtable-designator)))
......@@ -81,20 +81,20 @@
(define-cruft %associate-name-with-readtable (name readtable)
"Associate NAME with READTABLE for FIND-READTABLE to work."
#+ :allegro (setf (named-readtable (readtable-name-for-allegro name)) readtable)
#+ :allegro (setf (excl:named-readtable (readtable-name-for-allegro name)) readtable)
#+ :common-lisp (setf (gethash name *named-readtables*) readtable))
(define-cruft %unassociate-name-from-readtable (name readtable)
"Remove the association between NAME and READTABLE"
#+ :allegro (let ((n (readtable-name-for-allegro name)))
(assert (eq readtable (named-readtable n)))
(setf (named-readtable n) nil))
(assert (eq readtable (excl:named-readtable n)))
(setf (excl:named-readtable n) nil))
#+ :common-lisp (progn (assert (eq readtable (gethash name *named-readtables*)))
(remhash name *named-readtables*)))
(define-cruft %find-readtable (name)
"Return the readtable named NAME."
#+ :allegro (named-readtable (readtable-name-for-allegro name))
#+ :allegro (excl:named-readtable (readtable-name-for-allegro name))
#+ :common-lisp (values (gethash name *named-readtables* nil)))
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