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    Fix btree bug during btree-delete: if we're deleting the biggest key · 9d59c9ab
    Arthur Lemmens authored
    from a leaf, we should update the parents so they'll use the key that
    has now become the biggest.  (Henrik Hjelte.)
    Try to signal an error when an incompatible value is given to indexed
    slots, e.g. trying to put a string into a slot with a :symbol-index.
    (Henrik Hjelte)
    Signal an error during when putting duplicate values into a slot for
    which duplicate values are not allowed.  (Henrik Hjelte)
    Use BTREE-VALUE-TYPE, not BTREE-KEY-TYPE, when type checking a value
    during BTREE-INSERT.  (Henrik Hjelte)
    Wrap COMPILE-FILE calls in a WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT to prevent
    superfluous warnings about undefined functions.