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2005-01-22 Sven Van Caekenberghe <>
* release 5 (cvs tag RELEASE_5)
* added :start and :end keywords to print-string-xml
* fixed a bug: in a tag containing whitespace, like <foo> </foo> the parser collapsed
and ingnored all whitespace and considered the tag to be empty!
this is now fixed and a unit test has been added
* cleaned up xml character escaping a bit: single quotes and all normal whitespace
(newline, return and tab) is preserved a unit test for this has been added
* IE doesn't understand the &apos; XML entity, so I've commented that out for now.
Also, using actual newlines for newlines is probably better than using #xA,
which won't get any end of line conversion by the server or user agent.
June 2004 Sven Van Caekenberghe <>
* release 4
* project moved to, renamed to s-xml,
* added examples counter, tracer and remove-markup, improved documentation
13 Jan 2004 Sven Van Caekenberghe <>
* release 3
* added ASDF systems
* optimized print-string-xml
10 Jun 2003 Sven Van Caekenberghe <>
* release 2
* added echo-xml function: we are no longer taking the car when
the last seed is returned from start-parse-xml
25 May 2003 Sven Van Caekenberghe <>
* release 1
* first public release of working code
* tested on OpenMCL
* rewritten to be event-based, to improve efficiency and
to optionally use different DOM representations
* more documentation
end of 2002 Sven Van Caekenberghe <>
* release 0
* as part of an XML-RPC implementation
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