Commit be54f8b3 authored by Attila Lendvai's avatar Attila Lendvai
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Added make-shared-binding

parent fee24737
......@@ -255,6 +255,12 @@
(defvar *accum-var-alist*)
;;; Shared variables created by make-shared-binding.
;;; It's an alist of (name gensym-var <possibly other info>).
;;; Tipical use is FIRST-ITERATION-P.
(defvar *shared-bindings-alist*)
;;; Name of the block for this iterate form. Used in generating
;;; return statements.
......@@ -539,6 +545,7 @@ Evaluate (iterate:display-iterate-clauses) for an overview of clauses"
(*declarations* nil)
(*loop-body-wrappers* nil)
(*accum-var-alist* nil)
(*shared-bindings-alist* nil)
(*top-level?* t)
(*binding-context?* nil)
(*temps* nil)
......@@ -1753,7 +1760,15 @@ Evaluate (iterate:display-iterate-clauses) for an overview of clauses"
(check-internal-variables var)
(defun make-shared-binding (var value &key type using-type-of)
"Look up or create an alist entry keyed by var, store a gensym
in the value and also add it as a binding. Return the entry."
(let ((entry (assoc var *shared-bindings-alist* :test #'eq)))
(unless entry
(setq entry (list var (gensym (string var))))
(push entry *shared-bindings-alist*)
(make-binding (second entry) value :type type :using-type-of using-type-of))
(defun make-binding-internal (var-spec value value-supplied?
use-type using-type-of)
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