Commit e82c918b authored by Russ Tyndall's avatar Russ Tyndall
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added a restart to remove conflicting clauses

Ignore-this: b7c4c6eec565dd435b8e9e5403fcb0a8

parent f9714842
......@@ -1319,9 +1319,13 @@ Evaluate (iterate:display-iterate-clauses) for an overview of clauses"
(kw2 (clause-info-keywords ci2)))
(if (= insert-n 2)
(rotatef kw1 kw2))
(error "Iterate: Inserting clause ~a would create ~
(error "Iterate: Inserting clause ~a would create ~
an ambiguity with clause ~a"
kw1 kw2))))
kw1 kw2)
(delete-conflict ()
:report "Delete the original clause"
(remove-clause kw2))))))
(defun ambiguous-clauses? (ci1 ci2)
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