Commit ffc414eb authored by Henrik Hjelte's avatar Henrik Hjelte
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wrap code in progns, to avoid possiblity of multiple nil tags in tagbody

parent 20ef584b
......@@ -569,14 +569,14 @@ Evaluate (iterate:display-iterate-clauses) for an overview of clauses"
(prepend (default-driver-code) body)
(let ((it-bod `(block ,*block-name*
(progn ,.init-code)
(progn ,.body)
,.(if *loop-step-used?* (list *loop-step*))
(progn ,.steppers)
(go ,*loop-top*)
,.(if *loop-end-used?* (list *loop-end*))
(progn ,.final-code))
,(if (member *result-var* *bindings* :key #'car)
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