Commit b7d00ff7 authored by Sergey Katrevich's avatar Sergey Katrevich
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simplify creating name for temporary file - using gensym has replaced with using *gensym-counter*

parent 49568b72
......@@ -555,7 +555,7 @@ If a string, repeatedly read and evaluate from it, returning the last values."
;;; (required for windows sbcl <= 1.3.15 where is problem: )
(defparameter *asdf-random-state* (make-random-state t))
(defun temp-name-extra-part ()
(format nil "-~36R-~36R-~A" (get-universal-time) (get-internal-real-time) (symbol-name (gensym))))
(format nil "-~36R-~36R-~36R" (get-universal-time) (get-internal-real-time) *gensym-counter*))
(defparameter *temp-filenames-extra-part-p* t)
(defparameter *max-attempts-create-temp-file* 1000)
;;; end Support for call-with-temporary-file
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