Commit d87c9b66 authored by TTCA Vukovic's avatar TTCA Vukovic Committed by Liam Healy
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Added example of `evaluate-integral'

parent b4af2289
...@@ -25,3 +25,24 @@ ...@@ -25,3 +25,24 @@
collect (list xi (evaluate spline xi :acceleration acc))))) collect (list xi (evaluate spline xi :acceleration acc)))))
(save-test interpolation (spline-example 0.1d0)) (save-test interpolation (spline-example 0.1d0))
(defun evaluate-integral-example (&optional (intervals 4))
"Evaluate integral of sin(x) in interval 0-pi. sin(x) is tabulated
over a 0-2pi interval and interpolated with
(let* ((nodes (1+ intervals))
(max-node (1- nodes))
with step = (/ (* 2.0 pi) intervals)
for i from 0 upto max-node
collect (* i step)))
(xmarr (make-marray 'double-float :initial-contents xarr))
;; cannot use (loop for x on (cl-array xmarr)...) -- c function gives error
(make-marray 'double-float :initial-contents
(loop for x in xarr
collect (sin x))))
(acc (make-acceleration))
(spline (make-spline +periodic-cubic-spline-interpolation+ xmarr ymarr)))
(evaluate-integral spline 0d0 (coerce pi 'double-float) :acceleration acc)))
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