Commit db6d865f authored by Sumant Oemrawsingh's avatar Sumant Oemrawsingh
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Generic unpack function didn't pass on vector

The generic unpack function called the specific unpack functions without
passing on the vector, causing you to land in the debugger.
parent 503e5186
......@@ -88,6 +88,6 @@
(remf pass-on-args :unpack-type)
(if (eq unpack-type 'complex)
(if (power-of-2-p (floor (size vector) stride))
(apply 'fft-half-complex-radix2-unpack pass-on-args)
(apply 'fft-half-complex-unpack pass-on-args))
(apply 'fft-real-unpack pass-on-args))))
(apply 'fft-half-complex-radix2-unpack vector pass-on-args)
(apply 'fft-half-complex-unpack vector pass-on-args))
(apply 'fft-real-unpack vector pass-on-args))))
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