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Simplify FFT test code, handle GSL version <1.12

The expanded FFT tests with inverse and backward transformations have
simplified code.  Since the backward and inverse cases must be divided
by the length, the complex test will not work in GSL versions prior to
1.12, nor if FSBV is missing.  In these cases, the vector is computed
by converting to a CL array, dividing by the length, and then
converting back.
parent acad7ba5
;; Example FFT: transform a pulse (using the "clean" fft interface)
;; Sumant Oemrawsingh, Sat Oct 31 2009 - 00:24
;; Time-stamp: <2009-11-16 23:10:53EST example.lisp>
;; Time-stamp: <2009-11-18 23:05:19EST example.lisp>
(in-package :gsl)
......@@ -70,15 +70,6 @@
(complex (coerce (urand) element-type)))))
;; (reset-urand)
;; (fft-signal-real-noise '(complex double-float) 10)
(defun fft-signal-real-noise (element-type dimension &key (stride 1))
(let ((random-vector
(make-urand-vector element-type dimension :stride stride)))
(forward-discrete-fourier-transform random-vector :stride stride))))
(defun realpart-vector (complex-vector)
"The real vector consisting of the real part of the complex vector."
(let ((real-vector
......@@ -92,31 +83,9 @@
(defun size-vector-real (vector &key (stride 1))
"Return the size of a vector while taking the stride into account."
(coerce (floor (size vector) stride)
(component-float-type (element-type vector))))
(defun forward-fft-rc (vector complexp &key (stride 1))
"Return the forward FFT of the vector."
(let ((forward
(if complexp
(copy vector)
(realpart-vector vector))
:stride stride)))
(if complexp
(unpack forward :unpack-type 'complex :stride stride))))
;(defun test-fft-noise (element-type size &key (stride 1))
; "Test for FFT with random data (noise); returns the DFT answer and the computed FFT answer.
; See test_real_radix2 etc. in fft/"
; (let ((random-vector (make-urand-vector element-type size :stride stride)))
; (values
; (forward-fft-rc
; random-vector (subtypep element-type 'complex) :stride stride)
; (forward-discrete-fourier-transform random-vector :stride stride))))
(coerce (floor (size vector) stride) (element-type vector)))
(defun test-fft-noise-r (vector &key (stride 1))
(defun test-real-fft-noise (vector &key (stride 1))
"Test forward and inverse FFT for a real vector, and return both results in unpacked form."
(let* ((forward
(forward-fourier-transform (realpart-vector vector) :stride stride))
......@@ -125,38 +94,44 @@
(values (unpack forward :unpack-type 'complex :stride stride)
(unpack (elt/ inverse (size-vector-real inverse :stride stride)) :stride stride))))
(defun test-fft-noise-c (vector &key (stride 1))
(defun test-complex-fft-noise (vector &key (stride 1))
"Test forward, inverse and backward FFT for a complex vector and return all three results."
(let* ((forward
(forward-fourier-transform (copy vector) :stride stride))
(inverse-fourier-transform (copy forward) :stride stride))
(backward-fourier-transform (copy forward) :stride stride)))
(let ((forward (forward-fourier-transform (copy vector) :stride stride)))
(values forward
(inverse-fourier-transform (copy forward) :stride stride)
(backward-fourier-transform (copy forward) :stride stride))))
(defun test-fft-noise (element-type size &key (stride 1))
(c-data fft-c-data)
(fft-signal-real-noise element-type size :stride stride)
"A test of real forward and complex forward, revese, and inverse FFT
on random noise. Returns the result of the DFT forward Fourier transformation
and the forward FFT, which should be the same, and the original vector and the
inverse FFT, which should also be the same. In addition,
the backward Fourier transform is returned for complex vectors, which
should be the same as the last two."
(let* ((random-vector (make-urand-vector element-type size :stride stride))
(forward-discrete-fourier-transform random-vector :stride stride)))
(if (subtypep element-type 'complex)
(forward inverse backward)
(test-fft-noise-c c-data :stride stride)
(multiple-value-bind (forward inverse backward)
(test-complex-fft-noise random-vector :stride stride)
backward ;; just returning this one to see that it is still correct
(elt/ (copy backward) (size-vector-real backward :stride stride))))
(forward inverse)
(test-fft-noise-r c-data :stride stride)
(values fft-c-data forward c-data inverse)))))
(if (and (have-at-least-gsl-version '(1 12)) #+fsbv t #-fsbv nil)
(elt/ (copy backward) (size-vector-real backward :stride stride))
;; Hack for old GSL version without complex vector math
(element-type backward)
:dimensions (dimensions backward)
(map 'list
(lambda (x) (/ x (floor (size backward) stride)))
(copy backward 'array))))))
(multiple-value-bind (forward inverse)
(test-real-fft-noise random-vector :stride stride)
(values dft-random-vector forward random-vector inverse)))))
;; (require :gsll)
;; (test-fft-noise 'double-float 10 :stride 1)
;; (test-fft-noise '(complex double-float) 10 :stride 1)
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