1. 30 Oct, 2011 1 commit
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      Foreign structure with CFFI's new syntax · 18e08e4e
      Liam M. Healy authored
      Specify the foreign structures with CFFI's new syntax, (:struct foo),
      and fix #'creturn-st so that it will not take :struct (or any other
      keyword) as a return variable name.  GSLL now compiles and loads
      without error or warning, but it has not been tested.
  2. 29 Oct, 2011 1 commit
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      Fix sf-result* definitions, eliminate ffexpand, fsbv:object · 121e475d
      Liam M. Healy authored
      Fix sf-result and sf-result-e10 translation methods, and use in
      complex-with-error and values-with-errors.  Some usage in gamma.lisp
      updated, but there will be a need to replace sf-result with (:struct
      sf-result) in all declarations for many special functions.
      I removed ffexpand and everything it depended on because there is no
      reason to make a side defcfun for call-by-value functions, and if FSBV
      is missing CFFI already emits an error.  All usage of fsbv:object and
      any thing from the FSBV package is now gone.
  3. 24 Oct, 2011 3 commits
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      Eliminate fsbv:object for built-in types · 639a5f35
      Liam M. Healy authored
      Eliminate fsbv:object for built-in types; started conversion of
      special function result (sf-result*) structures but this requires a
      modification to CFFI.  Simulated annealing structure called by value.
      Use cffi-fsbv's sizet definition; this imposes a dependence on that
      system.  No compilation attempted yet.
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      Eliminate defenumeration · acb52420
      Liam M. Healy authored
    • Liam M. Healy's avatar
      Merge branch 'experimental' into cffi-fsbv · 1d0a5ab2
      Liam M. Healy authored
  4. 18 Oct, 2011 1 commit
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  6. 12 Sep, 2011 1 commit
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      Use generic functions for histogram · 898260bd
      Liam M. Healy authored
      Define methods for existing generic functions for histogram:
      grid:dimensions (replacing #'bins), set-zero (replacing #'reset).
      Also, add a comment that the functions for 2D histogram have not been
      defined as a "to be done" reminder.
  7. 26 Aug, 2011 2 commits
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  22. 30 Jan, 2011 3 commits
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      Remove invert-matrix to Antik, optional argument for LU-decomposition · 60c1f52d
      Liam M. Healy authored
      The user-friendly ("higher") functions layered on GSLL are now in
      Antik's math-high system, so the antik directory has been removed, and
      linear-algebra.lisp is enhanced and in Antik. #'LU-invert now takes
      'inverse as an optional argument, with the sensible default.
    • Liam M. Healy's avatar
      Define gsll-tests as a system connection · 476d01ee
      Liam M. Healy authored
      Define gsll-tests as a system connection, rather than a separate ASDF
      system.  This means that if lisp-unit and GSLL are loaded (in either
      order), then the tests will automatically be available.
    • Liam M. Healy's avatar
      In actual-array-class, don't replace real class names · e15aaed2
      Liam M. Healy authored
      In actual-array-class, if 'category is not one of 'vector, 'matrix or
      'both, then assume it's actually a class name and just return it
      without trying to make a class name.  This fixes a problem with
      e.g. elt+ where the second argument specializer is a class name of the
  23. 25 Jan, 2011 1 commit
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  25. 12 Jan, 2011 3 commits