Commit 244e2b7d authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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Updated cl-markdown patch to use metabang-bind as documented.

supports the use of `_` as placeholder in binding list for variables
which you want ignored. `nil` is also supposed to work, but appears
not to in some cases. So this patch changes the use from `nil` to `_`.
parent 2cf375ab
......@@ -43,10 +43,9 @@
(lambda (header)
(bind (((item anchor text)
(bind (((_ anchor text)
(item-at-1 (properties header) :anchor))
(save-header-lines (copy-list (lines header))))
(declare (ignore item))
(setf (slot-value header 'lines)
`(,(format nil
"~&<a href='~a~a' ~@[title='~a'~]>"
......@@ -62,7 +61,7 @@
(defun render-handle-eval (body)
;;?? parse out commands and arguments (deal with quoting, etc)
(bind (((command arguments result processed?) body)
(bind (((command arguments result _) body)
(cond ((and (member command *render-active-functions*)
(fboundp command))
......@@ -72,7 +71,6 @@
(warn "Undefined CL-Markdown function ~s" command))
(declare (ignore processed?))
(when result
(output-html (list result))
(setf *magic-space-p* nil)
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