Commit 38f1f428 authored by Ryszard Szopa's avatar Ryszard Szopa

corrected repository address

I forgot to change the addresses of the darcs repos for both
Submardine and Mop-utils...

parent ee91d184
......@@ -48,10 +48,10 @@ relations.</p>
related utilities on which Submarine depends). However,
submarine isn't very stable at the moment, so I strongly advise
you to get the newest version through darcs. </p> <code> darcs
get </code> <p> You
get </code> <p> You
will also need my MOP utilities, which may be incorporated into
submarine in the close future: </p> <code> darcs get </code> <p>In both </code> <p>In both
cases (downloading the archive or getting it through darcs) you
will need to link the <code>.asd</code> files to some place
visible by <code>ASDF</code>.</p>
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