Commit 50a7bc36 authored by Ryszard Szopa's avatar Ryszard Szopa

better format recipe in example

parent abf42193
......@@ -315,10 +315,11 @@ methods, for retrieving all objects related to its argument.
<p> Now, let's see what do we know about our small world.</p>
(format t "All persons: ~%~{ * ~A~%~}~%~%" (mapcar 'person-name (select-dao 'person)))
(format t "All democrats: ~%~{ * ~A~%~}~%" (mapcar 'person-name (get-all 'person democ)))
(format t "All masons: ~%~{ * ~A~%~}~%" (mapcar 'person-name (person lodge)))
(format t "All the clubs of Henry: ~%~{ * ~A~%~}~%" (mapcar 'club-name (club henry))))
(format t "~@{~2&All ~A: ~%~{ * ~A~&~}~}~&"
"persons" (mapcar 'person-name (select-dao 'person))
"democrats" (mapcar 'person-name (get-all 'person democ))
"masons" (mapcar 'person-name (person lodge))
"the clubs of Henry" (mapcar 'club-name (club henry))))
<p>The effect of executing the last form:</p>
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