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typo fix and new to-do.

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......@@ -352,9 +352,13 @@ methods, for retrieving all objects related to its argument.
<p>(Well, I knew it.)</p>
<a name="caveats_and_todos"<h1>Cave-eats and to-do's</h1></a>
<li>Transaction don't seem to be completely reliable. When
<li>Transactions don't seem to be completely reliable. When
connections are made per object, Postmodern's model of transaction
is just not enough. This part asks for a serious rethinking.</li>
<li>When a table with the same name as the one to be crated exists,
it does check if the columns are created, but not the
constraints. This is may be very annoying, and fixing it is very
high on my priority list.</li>
<li>At the moment it doesn't pass the tests on CMUCL (these are
mainly Postmodern related issues).</li>
<li>Submarine doesn't support slot-type declared with a form
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