Commit 4d79f185 authored by Ryszard Szopa's avatar Ryszard Szopa
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dao.lisp: def-many-to-many

Error in UNRELATEDP definition in macro DEF-MANY-TO-MANY corrected.

parent edccfb8c
......@@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ be used to create the link table."
(relate-method object2 object1 relation weight))
(defmethod unrelate-method ((object1 ,class1-name) (object2 ,class2-name) (relation ,(if name `(eql ',name) 'null)))
(delete-dao (car (relatedp object1 object2 relation))))
(delete-dao (car (relatedp object1 object2 :relation relation))))
(defmethod unrelate-method ((object2 ,class2-name) (object1 ,class1-name) relation)
(unrelate-method object1 object2 relation)))))
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