Commit 73afd246 authored by ryszard.szopa's avatar ryszard.szopa
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dao.lisp: removed unused function, save-all-foreign-daos.

parent f3da2e8e
......@@ -21,14 +21,6 @@
(update-dao dao)
(insert-dao dao))))
(defgeneric save-all-foreign-daos (dao)
(:documentation "Saves recursively all foreign daos in the slots of DAO")
(:method ((dao dao))
(iter (for slot in (mapcar #'slot-definition-name (db-slots-of dao)))
(let ((s-value (slot-value dao slot)))
(when (typep s-value 'dao)
(save-dao s-value))))))
(defgeneric dao-exists-p (dao)
(:documentation "Return a boolean indicating whether the given DAO
exists in the database.")
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