Commit da2d567b authored by ryszard.szopa's avatar ryszard.szopa
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test for bug in update-dao: save-existing-dao.

parent 73afd246
......@@ -179,6 +179,14 @@ metaclass set to HTML and the right connection-spec."
((rabe :accessor rabe :initarg :rabe :type rabe :foreign t)))
(signals dao-nonexistent-id (make-instance 'rabe :id 666 :rabe 1)) )
(db-test (save-existing-dao :depends-on make-dao)
(defdao-example foo ()
((foo :type integer :initarg :foo :accessor foo)))
(let ((foo (make-and-save 'foo :foo 1)))
(setf (foo foo) 777)
(finishes (save-dao foo))
(is (= 777 (foo (make-instance 'foo :id (get-id foo)))))))
(db-test (save-dao-wrong-id-in-reference :depends-on save-dao)
(defdao-example rabe ()
((rabe :accessor rabe :initarg :rabe :type integer)))
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