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      New macro define-derived-system-of-units · 250eedb5
      Liam M. Healy authored
      The new macro define-derived-system-of-units is like define-system-of-units except that it also takes a base system of units from which to derive the new system of units, and does not default to the current system of units.
  3. 25 Mar, 2013 1 commit
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      Complete changes for system of units specification · bc899205
      Liam M. Healy authored
      - Fix number of arguments in calls to functions that no longer take
        sysunits or addition-units arguments.
      - Change nf-option so that it works dynamically, i.e., the default
        value is retrieved at run time, not macro expansion time.
      - Name argument to parameter-value must be in the keyword package.
      - The system of units can be nil, in which case an unreadable object
        is printed, with the sexp for the dimensions printed.  
      - New variable *basis-physical-dimensions* used to give the dimension
        without units.
      - All nf definitions in a separate file.
      System now compiles and loads without error.
  4. 23 Mar, 2013 1 commit
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      System of units specification is through an nf-option · 6ca09dfb
      Liam M. Healy authored
      The specification of the system-of-units is through an nf-option, and
      no longer passed as arguments to functions.  Systems of units (with or
      without augmented units) are made via make-sysunits or
      define-system-of-units, set-default-system-of-units that call it.
      This does not compile.
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      Time interval parsing and unparsing, specific TeX format · 61d4de15
      Liam M. Healy authored
      + New functions to convert timeparse to and from time intervals,
      broken out of the formatting functions and exported:
      timeparse-time-interval and time-interval-timeparse.
      + New function dms-angle broken out of write-dms; renamed old
      dms-angle to angle-dms; this is to make the usage consistent with
      above (returned thing named first, argument named second,
      e.g. "dms-angle = dms from angle."
      + Removed 'required-component argument to iso8601-string, which was unused.
      + iso8601-string T-separator argument default for texstyle is a space.
      + Example
           (set-nf-options :style :tex)
           (iso8601-time-interval #_1134821.43_s)
           "13d 3h13m41.430s"
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      New function check-dimension-or-type · b72088c7
      Liam M. Healy authored
      New function check-dimension-or-type which returns T if the physical dimension is correct, or, if not a physical dimension, if the type matches.  This is used by check-parameter-type to give more specific error messages if the physical dimension does not match.
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      Format 1d grid readably always binds vector-format to :horizontal · 4a6db769
      Liam M. Healy authored
      Previously, vector-format was treated as specified whether style was
      :readable or not.  This resulted in missing parentheses when it was
      :coordinate-unit-vectors, and in an odd-looking (but syntactically
      correct) vertical breakup of components when it was :vertical.  This
      has been changed so that it is locally rebound to :horizontal when
      style is :readable.  Tests have been added to test-grid-formatting to
      cover the three readable cases, which should and do now all look the
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      Reading org-mode tables as parameters · e19a8e0c
      Liam M. Healy authored
      Define a new function #'make-parameters-from-table that is designed to read an org-mode table that is parsed and passed to CL by org-babel.  There is some documentation and usage examples in the new file input-output/org-mode.lisp; this should be separated out into a documentation file and expanded.  Tests should be designed and added.
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      New system math-high-tests, file name change norm-vector-product · a439f4b4
      Liam M. Healy authored
      New system math-high-tests test with one test, linear-algebra, that initially has a single form to test addition of a vector to its reverse.  The plan is that this test will contain tests of dyadic arithmetic functions (addition, etc.).  Changed the name of files higher.lisp to norm-vector-product.lisp, as it is more specific.
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      Start attempts to make array access more efficient · 6f148a2f
      Liam M. Healy authored
      Extend the compiler macros to do a better job of going directly to fast access functions (like cl:aref) when the type is known due to declarations.  Some tests from Sumant.  Note that it seems that SBCL is not pulling variable declarations in variable-information as expected, so the declarations are not actually doing anything.
  30. 11 Mar, 2012 1 commit
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      Fix format of floats with exponent markers · dd86ab06
      Liam M. Healy authored
      Change find to find-if, which fixes a problem with a duplicate exponent.
      Add argument specific-exponent-marker to format-float-switch; if T,
      use an exponent marker f, d, etc. dependent on the type.  This
      argument defaults to T, and the calling function nf float does not specify it.
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      New function read-indexed-data · e389340e
      Liam M. Healy authored
      New function read-indexed-data will read data line-by-line with index
      parameters and value.  The index parameters may be indices or a set of
      numbers that maps to indices.  Input can be a stream, file, or
      string.  Possible improvements would be: accept make-simple-grid
      keyword arguments, fill in an existing grid if supplied, do not
      require maximum-index-parameters.
  34. 28 Dec, 2011 1 commit
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      Pass #'length through to CL · bcecd7fe
      Liam M. Healy authored
      It is necessary to pass the function antik:length through to cl:length
      because the function is shadowed (for physical-quantities 'length).
  35. 19 Dec, 2011 2 commits