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4.6.4 Constants and Variables

— Constant: grid:+foreign-pointer-class+

The class in which foreign pointers fall.

— Constant: grid:+foreign-pointer-type+

The type of foreign pointers.

— Variable: grid:*array-element-types-no-complex*

All the array element types supported except for complex types.

— Variable: grid:*array-element-types*

All the array element types supported.

— Variable: grid:*complex-types*

All the supported complex array element types.

— Variable: grid:*cstd-cl-type-mapping*

An alist of the c standard types as keywords, and the cl type The exception is complex types, which don't have a definition in the c standard; in that case, the c type is the foreign struct definition.

— Variable: grid:*cstd-integer-types*

List of integer types supported by cffi, from the cffi docs.

— Variable: grid:*double-types*

All the supported double float element types.

— Variable: grid:*float-complex-types*

All the float or complex array element types supported.

— Variable: grid:*float-types*

All the float array element types.

— Variable: grid:*grid-types*

A list of (disjoint) types that are accepted as grids. Not every object of the given type is necessarily a grid, however.

— Variable: grid:*print-contents*

Print the contents of the foreign-array.

— Variable: grid:*print-foreign-array-readably*

Print the contents of the foreign-array with the #m reader macro.