Commit 0b4df228 authored by  Hayley Patton's avatar Hayley Patton 🐢

Rendering REFERENCE needs to convert the hash to base64

parent c2974e5e
......@@ -130,7 +130,8 @@ string; but RENDER-OBJECT will emit Netfarm standard format text."))
(defgeneric render-to-stream (object stream)
(:documentation "Render a Netfarm value to a stream.")
(:method ((ref reference) stream)
(format stream "ref:~a" (reference-hash ref)))
(format stream "ref:~a"
(bytes->base64 (reference-hash ref))))
(:method ((object object) stream)
(format stream "ref:~a" (bytes->base64 (hash-object object))))
(:method ((string integer) stream)
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