Commit 3cd943e1 authored by Gábor Melis's avatar Gábor Melis
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add description, author, etc to ASDF, fix warning

parent de70bacd
(defpackage :trivial-utf-8-system
(:use :common-lisp :asdf))
(in-package :trivial-utf-8-system)
(defsystem :trivial-utf-8
(asdf:defsystem :trivial-utf-8
:description "A small library for doing UTF-8-based input and output."
:author "Marijn Haverbeke <>"
:maintainer "Gábor Melis <>"
:homepage ""
:bug-tracker ""
:source-control (:git "")
:components ((:file "trivial-utf-8")))
(defsystem :trivial-utf-8-tests
(asdf:defsystem :trivial-utf-8/tests
:depends-on (:trivial-utf-8)
:components ((:file "tests")))
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