Commit 8fe6e63d authored by Gabor Melis's avatar Gabor Melis
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make it ~30% faster on SBCL x86-64

It's just micro-optimizations: a couple of inline declarations,
and a quicker test for group size 1.

On CLL and Clisp, also on x86-64, it's about 2% and 5% faster,
parent 4d427cfb
......@@ -23,8 +23,9 @@
"Calculate the amount of bytes needed to encode a string."
(declare (type string string)
(let ((length (length string))
(string (coerce string 'simple-string)))
(let* ((string (coerce string 'simple-string))
(length (length string)))
(declare (type fixnum length))
(loop :for char :across string
:do (let ((code (char-code char)))
(when (> code 127)
......@@ -60,11 +61,11 @@ encoded form of that character."
utf-8 representation."
(declare (type string string)
(let ((buffer (make-array (+ (the fixnum (utf-8-byte-length string))
(if null-terminate 1 0))
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
(position 0)
(string (coerce string 'simple-string)))
(let* ((string (coerce string 'simple-string))
(buffer (make-array (+ (the fixnum (utf-8-byte-length string))
(if null-terminate 1 0))
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
(position 0))
(declare (type (array (unsigned-byte 8)) buffer)
(type fixnum position))
(macrolet ((add-byte (byte)
......@@ -102,26 +103,28 @@ utf-8 representation."
starting with a given byte."
(declare (type fixnum byte)
(cond ((zerop (logand byte #b10000000)) 1)
(cond ((not (logtest byte #b10000000)) 1)
((= (logand byte #b11100000) #b11000000) 2)
((= (logand byte #b11110000) #b11100000) 3)
((= (logand byte #b11111000) #b11110000) 4)
(t (error 'utf-8-decoding-error :byte byte
:message "Invalid byte at start of character: 0x~X"))))
(declaim (inline utf-8-string-length))
(defun utf-8-string-length (bytes &key (start 0) (end (length bytes)))
"Calculate the length of the string encoded by the given bytes."
(declare (type (simple-array (unsigned-byte 8) (*)) bytes)
(type fixnum start end)
(loop :with i :of-type fixnum = start
:with string-length = 0
:with string-length :of-type fixnum = 0
:while (< i end)
:do (progn
(incf (the fixnum string-length) 1)
(incf i (utf-8-group-size (elt bytes i))))
:finally (return string-length)))
(declaim (inline get-utf-8-character))
(defun get-utf-8-character (bytes group-size &optional (start 0))
"Given an array of bytes and the amount of bytes to use,
extract the character starting at the given start position."
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