Commit e1fe45d8 authored by Maciek Pasternacki maciej at's avatar Maciek Pasternacki maciej at
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Add :START and :END parameters for UTF-8-BYTES-TO-STRING.

parent 03a5da6b
......@@ -116,14 +116,13 @@ starting with a given byte."
(t (error 'utf-8-decoding-error :byte byte
:message "Invalid byte at start of character: 0x~X"))))
(defun utf-8-string-length (bytes)
(defun utf-8-string-length (bytes &key (start 0) (end (length bytes)))
"Calculate the length of the string encoded by the given bytes."
(declare (type (simple-array (unsigned-byte 8)) bytes)
(loop :with i = 0
(loop :with i = start
:with string-length = 0
:with array-length = (length bytes)
:while (< i array-length)
:while (< i end)
:do (progn
(incf (the fixnum string-length) 1)
(incf i (utf-8-group-size (elt bytes i))))
......@@ -155,19 +154,18 @@ extract the character starting at the given start position."
(ash (six-bits (next-byte)) 6)
(six-bits (next-byte)))))))
(defun utf-8-bytes-to-string (bytes)
(defun utf-8-bytes-to-string (bytes &key (start 0) (end (length bytes)))
"Convert a byte array containing utf-8 encoded characters into
the string it encodes."
(declare (type (array (unsigned-byte 8)) bytes)
(loop :with buffer = (make-string (utf-8-string-length bytes) :element-type 'character)
:with array-position = 0
(loop :with buffer = (make-string (utf-8-string-length bytes :start start :end end) :element-type 'character)
:with array-position = start
:with string-position = 0
:with array-length = (length bytes)
:while (< array-position array-length)
:while (< array-position end)
:do (let* ((char (elt bytes array-position))
(current-group (utf-8-group-size char)))
(when (> (+ current-group array-position) array-length)
(when (> (+ current-group array-position) end)
(error 'utf-8-decoding-error
:message "Unfinished character at end of byte array."))
(setf (char buffer string-position)
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