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......@@ -32,28 +32,60 @@ to anaphoric variables:
(uri-template-bind (#U{uri})
(list %uri-scheme %uri-authority %uri-user %uri-host %uri-port
%uri-path %uri-directory %uri-file %uri-query %uri-fragment
%uri-head %uri-tail))
=> ("http"
(list %uri-scheme => ("http"
%uri-authority ""
%uri-user "user"
%uri-host ""
%uri-port "8080"
%uri-path "/dir/abc"
%uri-directory "/dir/"
%uri-file "abc"
%uri-query "bar=baz&xyz=1"
%uri-fragment "hash"
%uri-head ""
%uri-tail)) "/dir/abc?bar=baz&xyz=1#hash")
More examples can be found in the uri-template-test.lisp file.
uri-templates can be enabled by calling enable-uri-template-syntax, or
by merging or using the uri-template:uri-template readtable via the
named-readtables library (
named-readtables library
Function reference:
enable-uri-template-syntax (function)
Binds the #U dispatch character to read a URI template.
read-uri-template (function)
A function suitable for inserting into the readtable so you can
read URI templates from your own dispatch character.
uri-decode? (special variable)
Controls whether URI decoding/unescaping is done on the templated
value when destructuring. True by default.
uri-encode? (special variable)
Controls whether URI encoding/escaping is done on the templated value.
True by default.
uri-decode (function)
Decodes URI encoded/escaped characters in the given string.
uri-encode (function)
URI encodes/escapes the given string.
uri-template (symbol)
The car of the list that the URI template reader produces. A
function or macro.
This symbol also names the named-readtables readtable that provides
the #U dispatch macro.
uri-template-bind (macro)
Binds URI template placeholders (which must be symbols) in given
URI, as well as attempting to bind a set of standard URI components to
their respective parts of the given URI. Body executes only if all
explicitly specified URI template placeholders can be bound.
uri-template works with Parenscript to provide template interpolation
for JavaScript. To enable this functionality, load Parenscript before
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