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lisp-companies: proper sub-lists

fixes #12
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......@@ -29,3 +29,8 @@ To generate the site:
The output files will be generated in the `output/` directory.
To build the markdown pages to html (like lisp-companies), use `pandoc`:
pandoc -o output.html
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This diff is collapsed.
  • mentioned in issue clo/cl-site#12

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  • mentioned in issue clo/cl-site#9 (closed)

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  • @vdardel is it really as simple as running e.g.

    pandoc -o libraries.html ?

    I'm not seeing identical libraries.html as what's in there now, when I try to do it like this.

    I think there are a few more steps involved which are not yet documented here.

    Moreover, if the conversion of these .md files can be automated to that extent, should we not be doing it using (uiop:run-program ...) from within cl-site:make-site ? (and because that would be relying on outside command-line tool which may or may not be installed on the current users' system, it can fall back to punting and printing a warning if the call to pandoc does not return a non-error non-zero return code for whomever is running the (cl-site:make-site)).

  • Just closed the merge request.

    Trying to resolve conflicts on my end, and re-submit.

  • Absolutely, there are more steps involved !

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