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......@@ -67,13 +67,22 @@ the site.
To prevent every intermediate result on every branch from being
deployed to your project site, the job is restricted to building
on the `master` branch only, using the
from the `master` branch only, using the
- master
The `tags` fragment mentioned below, links the job to CI builders
("runners"). Builders can only build jobs for which the job at
least one of the tags the builder has as well. On the
infrastructure, this means that a job with the tag `site-gen` can
only be built with the builder tagged with the `site-gen` tag too.
- site-gen
Then, last but not least, the fragment `script: mv src public`
instructs the CI system to perform the "build" for this repository
(i.e. nothing more than to rename `src` to `public`).
......@@ -93,9 +102,15 @@ If the syntax of your `.gitlab-ci.yml` file is correct, a new build
will run on every push or merge to the master branch. With each successful
build, a new deployment will take place.
Note that if you want to check that your `.gitlab-ci.yml` file has
valid syntax, you can use GitLab's "CI Lint" application. This application
is available in every project on the "Pipelines" page. For the "clo/cl-site"
project, it's located at
Please note that if you're migrating existing project pages from
`/project/<project>/public_html` to GitLab based deployments that
your new site won't show up until the `public_html` directory has
been removed (or renamed).
For more information on how to use GitLab Pages and GitLab CI,
please see .
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