Commit 4181e6ce authored by Stas Boukarev's avatar Stas Boukarev
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storage.lisp: Optimize link-slot-first-time.

parent 6a7debb8
......@@ -112,15 +112,28 @@
(loop for object in objects
do (interlink-objects-first-time object relations)))))))
(declaim (inline prepend))
(defun prepend (item list)
(psetf (car list) item
(cdr list) (cons (car list) (cdr list))))
(declaim (inline fgetf))
(defun fgetf (place indicator)
(loop for (key value) on place by #'cddr
when (eq key indicator) return value))
(declaim (inline set-relations))
(defun set-relations (relation object target-object)
(let* ((relations (relations target-object))
(list (getf relations relation)))
(if list
(psetf (car list) object
(cdr list) (cons (car list) (cdr list)))
(setf (relations target-object)
(list* relation (list object) relations)))))
(list (fgetf relations relation)))
(cond (list
(prepend object list))
(prepend (list object) relations)
(prepend relation relations))
(setf (relations target-object)
(list* relation (list object) relations))))))
(defun link-slot-first-time (relation object target-object)
(if (and (consp relation)
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