Commit 585b9e92 authored by Stas Boukarev's avatar Stas Boukarev
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Improper cons support.

parent 287edceb
......@@ -472,31 +472,52 @@
;;; Cons
(defun cons-size (cons)
(loop for cdr = cons then (cdr cdr)
sum (object-size (alexandria:ensure-car cdr))
while (consp cdr)))
(defmethod object-size ((list cons))
(let ((count (+ 1 1))) ;; type + +end+
(cond ((list-of-objects-p list)
(incf count (+ (* (length list)
(1- +sequence-length+)))) ;; sans +end+
(mapc (lambda (x)
(incf count (object-size x)))
(cond ((and (alexandria:proper-list-p list)
(list-of-objects-p list))
(+ 1
(* (length list) +id-length+)
((alexandria:circular-list-p list)
(error "Can't store circular lists"))
(+ 1 (cons-size list)
(defmethod write-object ((list cons) stream)
(cond ((list-of-objects-p list)
(cond #-sbcl
((alexandria:circular-list-p list)
(error "Can't store circular lists"))
((and (alexandria:proper-list-p list)
(list-of-objects-p list))
(write-list-of-objects list stream))
(write-n-bytes #.(type-code 'cons) 1 stream)
(dolist (item list)
(write-object item stream))
(write-n-bytes +end+ 1 stream))))
(loop for cdr = list then (cdr cdr)
(cond ((consp cdr)
(write-object (car cdr) stream))
(write-n-bytes +end+ 1 stream)
(write-object cdr stream)
(defreader cons (stream)
(loop for code = (read-n-bytes 1 stream)
until (= code +end+)
collect (call-reader code stream)))
(let ((first-cons (list (read-next-object stream))))
(loop for previous-cons = first-cons then new-cons
for car = (let ((id (read-n-bytes 1 stream)))
(cond ((eq id +end+)
(setf (cdr previous-cons) (read-next-object stream))
((call-reader id stream))))
for new-cons = (list car)
do (setf (cdr previous-cons) new-cons))
;;; list-of-objects
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