Commit 3eada829 authored by hayeah via gmail com's avatar hayeah via gmail com

Start mess around with css.lisp

Add to repo to keep track of changes.

parent 2f753d75
;; Copyright (c) 2005, Gigamonkeys Consulting All rights reserved.
(defclass css (language)
:special-operator-symbol 'css-special-operator
:macro-symbol 'css-macro
:input-readtable (copy-readtable)
:input-package (find-package :keyword)
:output-file-type "css"))
(defparameter *css* (make-instance 'css))
(defun compile-css (input &key (output (make-pathname :type "css" :defaults input)))
(assert (not (equal (pathname input) (pathname output))))
(with-open-file (in input)
(with-open-file (*text-output* output :direction :output :if-exists :supersede)
(format *text-output* "/* Generated at ~a from ~a. */~2%" (format-iso-8601-time (get-universal-time)) (truename in))
(loop for form = (read in nil in)
while (not (eql form in)) do
(emit-css form)))))
(defun emit-css (sexp)
(process *css* (get-pretty-printer) sexp nil))
(defmacro css (&whole whole &body body)
(declare (ignore body))
`(macrolet ((css (&body body)
(codegen-text (sexp->ops *css* body nil) ,*pretty*)))
,@(if *pretty*
`((let ((*text-pretty-printer* (get-pretty-printer))) ,whole))
;;; Language implementation
(defmethod identifier ((language css) form)
(when (eql (car form) :import) :import))
(defmethod sexp-form-p ((language css) form)
(or (self-evaluating-p form) (consp form)))
(defmethod embeddable-value-form ((language css) form)
`(string-downcase (princ-to-string ,form)))
(defmethod process-sexp ((language css) processor form environment)
(declare (ignore environment))
((self-evaluating-p form)
(raw-string processor (string-downcase (princ-to-string form)) t))
((eql (first form) :import)
(emit-css-import processor form))
(process-non-import-css processor form))))
(defun emit-css-import (processor sexp)
(let ((url (second sexp)))
(freshline processor)
(raw-string processor "@import ")
((consp url)
(raw-string processor "url(")
(raw-string processor (second url))
(raw-string processor ")"))
(t (raw-string processor (format nil "\"~a\"" url))))
(raw-string processor ";")))
(defun process-non-import-css (processor sexp)
(destructuring-bind (selector &rest attributes) sexp
(freshline processor)
(emit-css-selector processor selector)
(freshline processor)
(raw-string processor "{")
(indent processor)
(freshline processor)
(loop for (k v) on attributes by #'cddr do
(process-css-key-or-value processor k)
(raw-string processor ": ")
(process-css-key-or-value processor v)
(raw-string processor ";")
(freshline processor))
(unindent processor)
(freshline processor)
(raw-string processor "}")
(freshline processor)))
(defun emit-css-selector (processor selector)
((atom selector)
(raw-string processor (string-downcase (string selector))))
((and (consp selector) (member (first selector) '(or :or and :and adjacent :adjacent > :>)))
(loop with separator = (case (first selector) ((or :or) ", ") ((and :and) " ") ((adjacent :adjacent) " + ") ((> :>) " > "))
for (x . rest) on (rest selector)
do (emit-css-selector processor x)
when rest do (raw-string processor separator)))
(multiple-value-bind (tag class pseudo-class id) (parse-selector selector)
(when tag
(raw-string processor (string tag)))
(when class
(raw-string processor (format nil ".~(~a~)" class)))
(when pseudo-class
(raw-string processor (format nil ":~(~a~)" pseudo-class)))
(when id
(raw-string processor (format nil "#~(~a~)" id)))))))
(defun parse-selector (selector)
(if (member (first selector) '(:class :pseudo-class :id))
(destructuring-bind (&key class pseudo-class id) selector
(values nil class pseudo-class id))
(destructuring-bind (tag &key class pseudo-class id) selector
(values tag class pseudo-class id))))
(defun process-css-key-or-value (processor form)
(if (keywordp form)
(raw-string processor (string-downcase form))
(process *css* processor form nil)))
;;; File compiler implementation
(defmethod comment ((language css) text)
(format nil "~&/*~&~a~&*/" text))
(defmethod top-level-environment ((language css)) nil)
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