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<!-- introduction -->
<!-- This file can be used as a component of documentation produced --
-- with HELambdaP -->
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<title>With Common Lisp Contexts</title>
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the <b><tt>yield</tt></b> statement. Again, the current
implementation does not provide similar functionality, altough it
could possibly be implemented using a <em>delimited continuation
(e.g., <a href=""
<h1><a name="Disclaimer">Disclaimer</a></h1>
<em>The code associated to these documents is not completely
tested and it is bound to contain errors and omissions. This
documentation may contain errors and omissions as well. Moreover,
some design choices are recognized as sub-optimal and may
change in the future.</em>
<h1><a name="License">License</a></h1>
The file <tt>COPYING</tt>
that accompanies the libray contains a Berkeley-style license. You
are advised to use the code at your own risk. No warranty
whatsoever is provided, the author will not be held responsible
for any effect generated by your use of the library, and you can
put here the scariest extra disclaimer you can think of.
<h1><a name="Repository and Downloads">Repository and Downloads</a></h1>
<p>The <strong>with-contexts</strong> library is available on
<a href="" target="_blank">Quicklisp</a>
(not yet).
The <strong>with-contexts</strong> library.
is hosted at <a href=""
<a href="" target="_blank">
</a> repository can be gotten from the
<a href=""
<a href="" target="_blank">Gitlab</a>
instance in the
<a href="" target="_blank">
<strong>with-macro</strong> project page
-- See the COPYING file in the main folder for copyright and
-- licensing information.
-- The code is provided AS IS with NO warranty whatsoever. The
-- author will not be held liable etc etc etc etc etc.
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