Commit 9c3f8b48 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau

Simplify component pathname normalization.

Take advantage of recent ASDF 1.367 enhancements in pathname computation, when available.
parent 3e8d5788
......@@ -496,30 +496,52 @@
;; Everything below is needed only by output-component-file.
;; Used by maybe-translated-component-name and output-component-file.
(defvar *asdf-has-sensible-component-names-p*
(ignore-errors (<= 1.367 (read-from-string asdf::*asdf-revision*))))
;; TODO: move that upstream into ASDF, so we can use it from there?
(defun merge-component-relative-pathname (pathname name type)
(multiple-value-bind (relative path filename)
(split-path-string name)
(or pathname (make-pathname :directory `(,relative ,@path)))
(if type
(make-pathname :name filename :type type)
(defun strip/ (name)
(subseq name (1+ (or (position #\/ name :from-end t) -1))))
(defun strip.lisp (name)
(if (and (< 5 (length name))
(equal ".lisp" (subseq name (- (length name) 5))))
(subseq name 0 (- (length name) 5))))
(defun strip-extension (name extension)
(let* ((lext (length extension))
(lnam (length name))
(pos (- lnam lext)))
(if (and (plusp lext)
(< 1 pos)
(string= name extension :start1 pos)
(eql #\. (char name (1- pos))))
(values (subseq name 0 (1- pos)) extension)
(values name nil))))
(defun normalized-component-name (c)
(let ((pn (enough-namestring (normalize-pathname-directory
(asdf:component-pathname c))))
(type (asdf:source-file-type c (asdf:component-system c))))
(values (strip-extension pn type) pn)))
(defun enough-component-spec (c &optional pn-p)
(if (equal (parse-namestring (enough-namestring (asdf:component-pathname c)))
(make-pathname :name (asdf:component-name c) :type "lisp"))
(format nil "~S" (normalized-component-name c))
(let ((pn (parse-namestring (enough-namestring (normalize-pathname-directory
(asdf:component-pathname c))))))
;; XXX: make-pathname forms are more portable, but namestrings
;; are more readable.
(format nil "~S~:[~; :pathname #p~S~]"
(make-pathname :name (strip/ (asdf:component-name c))
:type "lisp"
:defaults (asdf:component-pathname c)))))
(enough-namestring pn)))))
(multiple-value-bind (name pn) (normalized-component-name c)
(if (or *asdf-has-sensible-component-names-p* ;; means ASDF 1.367 or later.
(equal pn
(namestring (make-pathname
:name (strip/ name)
:type (asdf:source-file-type c (asdf:component-system c)))))))
(write-to-string name)
;; XXX: make-pathname forms are more portable, but namestrings
;; are more readable. People should be using a recent ASDF, anyway.
(format nil "~S~:[~; :pathname #p~S~]" name pn-p pn))))
;; Used by additional-dependencies* and overridden-dependencies*.
(defun map-over-instrumented-component-and-parents (component slot-name)
......@@ -618,9 +640,6 @@
(normalize-pathname-directory-component (pathname-directory pathname))
:defaults pathname))
(defun normalized-component-name (component)
(pathname-name (asdf:component-relative-pathname component)))
;; Currently used only by initially-grovel-dependencies.
(defun output-component-file (stream dependencies &key
(output-systems-and-dependencies-p t))
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