Commit 40fd24e6 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
Browse files complete the factoring away of build-and-load vs build-and-dump

in favor of a single build-program.
This seems to fix the remaining issues with --image.
parent 3dba0818
#| -- shell wrapper generator for Common Lisp software -*- Lisp -*-
license_information () {
# Please send your improvements to the author:
......@@ -949,7 +949,7 @@ process_options () {
add_build_form "(:eval-input \"(in-package :$PACKAGE)$(kwote "$1")\")" ; shift ;;
add_build_form "(:eval \"(in-package :$PACKAGE)$(kwote "$1")\")" ; shift ;;
add_build_form "(:load \"$(kwote "$1")\" :$PACKAGE)" ; shift ;;
......@@ -2304,6 +2304,10 @@ NIL
#'(lambda (i n) (with-output-file (o n :if-exists :rename-and-delete) (princ i o))) i x))
(defun temporary-file-from-sexp (i x)
(temporary-file-from-foo #'dump-sexp-to-file i x))
(defun temporary-file-from-code (i x)
(if (stringp i)
(temporary-file-from-string i x)
(temporary-file-from-sexp i x)))
(defun temporary-file-from-file (f x)
(with-open-file (i f :direction :input :if-does-not-exist :error)
(temporary-file-from-stream i x)))
......@@ -2396,35 +2400,11 @@ Returns two values: the fasl path, and T if the file was (re)compiled"
(symbol-call :quicklisp :quickload system))
(asdf:load-system system)))
(defun build-and-load (build restart final init quit)
(dolist (x build)
(ecase (first x)
((:load-system) (load-sys (second x)))
((:eval-input) (eval-input (second x)))
((require) (require (second x)))
(let ((*package* (find-package (third x))))
(etypecase (second x)
(null nil)
((eql t)
(if (equal *cl-launch-file* "-")
(load* *standard-input*)
(load-file *cl-launch-file*)))
(stream (load* (second x)))
((or pathname string) (load-file (second x))))))))
(when final
(eval-input final))
(setf *image-prelude* init
*image-entry-point* (when restart (ensure-function (car restart) :package (cdr restart)))
*lisp-interaction* (not quit)))
;;; We need this on all implementations when dumping an image,
;;; so that --eval and --file statements may properly depend
;;; on previously loaded systems, etc.
;;; To do it right, though, we want to only create a file
;;; for the --eval statement if needed by ECL...
(defvar *in-compile* nil)
(defvar *dependency-counter* 0)
(defun cl-launch-files ()
(when (and *cl-launch-file* (not (equal *cl-launch-file* "-")))
......@@ -2440,17 +2420,18 @@ Returns two values: the fasl path, and T if the file was (re)compiled"
(list sys)))
(defclass asdf::cl-source-file-in-package (cl-source-file)
((package :initarg :package :reader component-package)))
(defmethod perform :around ((o compile-op) (c asdf::cl-source-file-in-package))
(let ((*package* (find-package (component-package c))))
(defclass asdf::cl-source-string (source-file)
((string :initarg :string :initform nil :reader component-string)
(defclass asdf::cl-source-code (source-file)
((code :initarg :code :initform nil :reader component-code)
(package :initarg :package :reader component-package)))
(defmethod component-pathname ((c asdf::cl-source-string)) nil)
(defmethod perform ((o compile-op) (c asdf::cl-source-string)))
(defmethod perform ((o load-op) (c asdf::cl-source-string))
(let ((*package* (find-package (component-package c))))
(eval-input (or (component-string c) (component-name c)))))
(handler-bind ((warning #'muffle-warning))
(defmethod perform :around ((o compile-op) (c asdf::cl-source-file-in-package))
(let ((*package* (find-package (component-package c))))
(defmethod component-pathname ((c asdf::cl-source-code)) nil)
(defmethod perform ((o compile-op) (c asdf::cl-source-code)))
(defmethod perform ((o load-op) (c asdf::cl-source-code))
(let ((*package* (find-package (component-package c))))
(eval-thunk (or (component-code c) (component-name c))))))
(defun make-dependency-system (rdeps options)
;; Make a system for given dependencies,
;; return the new list of dependencies, i.e. a singleton of the system name.
......@@ -2466,12 +2447,13 @@ Returns two values: the fasl path, and T if the file was (re)compiled"
`(:components ((:cl-source-file-in-package ,(pathname-name load-file)
:package ,pkg
:pathname ,(truename load-file)))))))
#-(or ecl mkcl)
(make-dependency-system previous
`(:components ((:cl-source-string ,arg :package :cl-user))))
`(:components ((:cl-source-code ,(format nil "code-~D" *dependency-counter*)
:code ,arg :package :cl-user))))
#+(or ecl mkcl)
(with-input (i arg)
(with-input (i (temporary-file-from-code i (format nil "build-~D.lisp" *dependency-counter*)))
(make-dependency :load i :cl-user previous)))
(cons `(:require ,arg) previous))
......@@ -2481,34 +2463,31 @@ Returns two values: the fasl path, and T if the file was (re)compiled"
(defun build-program (dump build restart final init quit)
(let* ((*compile-verbose* *verbose*)
(*in-compile* t)
#+ecl (c::*suppress-compiler-warnings* (not *verbose*))
#+ecl (c::*suppress-compiler-notes* (not *verbose*))
#+(or ecl mkcl)
(when dump
(setf *features* (remove :cl-launch *features*))
(let* ((header
(or *compile-file-pathname* *load-pathname* (getenvp "CL_LAUNCH_HEADER"))))
(ensure-lisp-file header "header.lisp")))))
(standalone (and (getenvp "CL_LAUNCH_STANDALONE") t))
(op (if standalone 'program-op 'image-op))
*package* (find-package :cl-user)
*image-dumped-p* ,(when dump (if standalone :executable t))
,(when restart `(ensure-function ,(car restart) :package ,(cdr restart)))
*image-prelude* ,init
*image-postlude* ,final
*lisp-interaction* ,(not quit)))
(footer-file (temporary-file-from-sexp footer "footer.lisp"))
(loop :with r = ()
:for (fun arg pkg) :in
`((:load-system "asdf") ,@(when header-file `((:load ,header-file :cl-user)))
,@build (:load ,footer-file :cl-user))
`((:load-system "asdf")
,@(when dump
#+(or ecl mkcl)
(let ((header
(or (current-lisp-file-pathname) (getenvp "CL_LAUNCH_HEADER"))))
(setf *features* (remove :cl-launch *features*))
`(:load ,(ensure-lisp-file header "header.lisp") :cl-user)))
,(let ((footer
*package* (find-package :cl-user)
*image-dumped-p* ,(when dump (if standalone :executable t))
,(when restart `(ensure-function ,(car restart) :package ,(cdr restart)))
*image-prelude* ,init
*image-postlude* ,final
*lisp-interaction* ,(not quit))))
`(:eval ,footer :cl-user)))
:do (setf r (make-dependency fun arg pkg r))
:finally (return r)))
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