Commit 5470f81a authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
Browse files Use lispworks-console, not lispworks, as the default executable name

for LispWorks when the environment variable LISPWORKS isn't set.
parent 12128dfc
......@@ -76,3 +76,8 @@ TODO for cl-launch as of 4.1.2
and generate cl-launch.1 from it using something.
pandoc? Ugly. ronn? Looks OK, if we replace its first lines
by our first line.
* Use #+sbcl (setf sb-ext:*evaluator-mode* :interpret)
and a series of (declaim (optimize (speed 0) (size 0) (debug 0)
(compilation-speed 3))) and such to speed up the cl-launch
#| -- shell wrapper for Common Lisp -*- Lisp -*-
license_information () {
# Please send your improvements to the author:
......@@ -568,19 +568,26 @@ Note that \`GCL\` seems to not be very actively maintained anymore.
There are some issues regarding standalone executables on \`CLISP\`.
See below in the section regarding *Standalone executables*.
\`LispWorks\` requires the Professional Edition.
Personal edition isn't supported as it won't let you
control the command line or dump images.
\`LispWorks\` requires the Professional Edition; the Personal Edition isn't
supported as it won't let you either control the command line or dump images.
Dumped images will print a banner, unless you dump a standalone executable.
To dump an image, make sure you have a license file in your target directory
and/or to .../lispworks/lib/6-1-0-0/config/lwlicense
(or use a trampoline shell script to \`exec /path/to/lispworks "\$@"\`),
create a build script with:
echo '(hcl:save-image "lispworks" :environment nil)' > si.lisp
echo '(hcl:save-image "lispworks-console" :environment nil)' > si.lisp
lispworks-6-1-0-x86-linux -siteinit - -init - -build si.lisp
LispWorks also requires that you have \`ASDF 3.1.2\` or later;
make sure you have it installed and configured in your source registry.
There is no standard name for a console-only variant of LispWorks;
older versions of cl-launch assume a default \`lispworks\`; since,
\`lispworks-console\` is assumed instead, to avoid conflicts. You can
control the name you use with the shell variable \`\$LISPWORKS\`, or you
can just leave \`lispworks-console\` in your path, and use a symlink, copy,
shell alias or trivial wrapper script to enable your favorite shorter name
\`lispworks\`, \`lw\`, \`lwcon\`, \`lw-console\`, etc.
Similarly, a mlisp image for allegro can be created as follows:
......@@ -1949,7 +1956,7 @@ implementation_gcl () {
implementation_lispworks () { ### NOT EXTENSIVELY TESTED
USE_CLBUILD= implementation "${LISPWORKS:-lispworks}" || return 1
USE_CLBUILD= implementation "${LISPWORKS:-lispworks-console}" || return 1
OPTIONS="${LISPWORKS_OPTIONS:- -siteinit - -init -}" #
LOAD=-build #### way to avoid splash screen (?) and dump executable
# LOAD=-load
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