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TODO for cl-launch as of
TODO for cl-launch as of
* When resuming from an image then dumping another, the INCLUDE_PATH
becomes a very bad variable to look for the image.
......@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ TODO for cl-launch as of
Therefore, /usr/bin/cl can have fast startup,
and not have to spawn an external program
unless explicitly requested a non-default implementation.
Maybe just add all the cl-launch features to buildapp.
* Support --dispatched-entry as from Xach's buildapp:
dispatched-entry would populate a data structure bound to
......@@ -55,7 +56,8 @@ TODO for cl-launch as of
* Maybe add these SBCL-specific options, too?
* --compress-core
this one is trivial to add --
but semantics does buildapp give to this option on ccl?
currently, buildapp silently ignores the option on CCL,
but Xach feels like he may issue an error in the future instead.
* --dynamic-space-size
a lot of implementation have something like that.
Abstract it away, or leave it implementation-specific?
......@@ -68,17 +70,3 @@ TODO for cl-launch as of
* --core-only
That's hard to add, not that useful, and may require hacking
both uiop and cl-launch to get it right. Lots of pain, no gain.
* Better dependencies for --load (--file) and --eval
** Create an implicit in-memory system cl-launch/file-1, etc.,
with a single file component, for each --file argument.
** Have it depend on all the previous systems and files, so dependencies work.
** Don't bother counting --eval, though, since there's no file to timestamp;
Document for the user that they are on their own if a change in
such --eval change the meaning of subsequent fasl files;
they may have to manually clear their cache.
** Provide a --force option to force recompilation?
** on ECL, we still have to create temporary files for --eval,
but we still don't want to have other systems depend on them
except the top-level one.
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